Playstation 3 Exclusive look

A video posted on showing all the great exclusives coming out for ps3, So don't lose hope! This fall is going to be one hell of a ride!

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DixieNormS4193d ago

LOOOOOL! Cool video though.

toughNAME4193d ago

its just that when its compared to the 360 exclusives....

cool video tho

dodgefate4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

The video was made of games that are true exclusives all on PS3 only 96% of 360 exclusives are PC & x360 that is not 360 exclusive that is called pc & x360 exclusive.

Will lose bubbles an Disagree votes for saying it but it is true, even halo 3 will be on pc after a year or so just like the last 2 (timed exclusive).

DrWan4193d ago

no no, dod, i actually agree with you.

Machety4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

I agree that the 360 has more xclusives than the Ps3, but They aren't better than the ones that will be on the PS3. 360 has a lot of games but I really dont think the games it has are that much better than the ones that will be exclusive to the PS3. I show exactly why.

Gear of War is hot but WARHAWK looks way more FUN and has a lot MORE to OFFER.

Halo 3 is a cool online multiplayer, but HAZE(time xclusive), KILLZONE 2, WARHARK will raise the standard. By the way, I play the Beta with my friend, Halo 3 is only Halo 2 with 360 graphics if anyone beleives Gaylo 3 will be better than Warhawk, they should tell me why.

Xbox live is the best online service for a console, but HOME is the future. I want someone to disagree, but please tell me why. HOME is way more appealing to the user and The Acheivements are in 3D. HOME is xclusive to the PS3.

360 has Viva Piniata while the PS3 have LITTLE BIG PLANET. Please tell me anything that 360 have that can compare to the LITTLE BIG PLANET.It dont matte how grown or young you are LITTLE BIG PLANET will occupy your time. Oh My God, Can anybody say " USER CREATED CONTENT".

Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon cannot compare to FINAL FANTAY XIII, FINAL FANTASY versus XIII, WHITE KNIGHT STORY OR KINGDOM HEARTS 3. Please Xbots disagree, but please dont forget to tell me why.

Ok let not forget LAIR, GOD OF WAR 3, MSG 4, HEAVENLY SWORD, MOTORSTORM, RACHET AND CLANK. I will not be surprised if someone tries to prove me wrong, I want to be a lawyer when I get older, so I would to start practicing; therefore, if anyone disagrees let me know and why.

Last but not least, we all know that the PS3 is a better quality HARDWARE. In the future, we all will see how the PS3 will take over, and I really cant beleive how anyone thinks that Sony is just going to let the PS3 die. If yall haven't notice the PS2 is still the king of the gaming market.

Lets not talk about the Wii, Just like Borat says " everybody knows the Wii is for girls" lol, but if you own a PS3 or 360 its ok to get a Wii.

toughNAME4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

its a pretty common consensus among non-biased gamers that the 360 line up in the 2nd half of 2007 will be better than PS3's

i wasnt talking bout FF or MGS since they are sure theyll do great...but since they are not comin out in 07...

watch the vid

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CaliGamer4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

This is a good display of what's in store for PS3 owners but as I find myself saying week after week, it would be silly to sell Sony short this generation.
I hear a lot of talk about promises and hype that Sony orchestrated on the collective gaming community and all I have to say is grow up and just admit that you have a unnatural hate for Sony and an equally unnatural love for M$.
I will admit that Sony has made its share of mistakes but its all part of business, things will arise and I think that Sony has done a good job of dealing with problems. They have also done a good job of anticipating trends, and hate all you want, they seem to have done it this generation too.
I believe that the hardcore 360 fan has the ghost of the last Xbox failure looming on their minds, and the reality is that last generation Sony was successful, and MS was not. MS had a great system, and some cool games that I played myself such as Halo 1 and 2, KOTOR, and a couple more but by and large they failed miserably.
Sony has proven themselves in the past and they seem poised to do it again. It's funny how I hear people quote things that were said about the PS3 like a year and a half ago today as if they are still bitter. Its business, thats all, some of you are way too sensitive and really need a social life.
Its so sad that MS fans who own a 360 now forget the drought of games that plagued the system upon release, but chastise Sony for having a similar situation now. I would be curious to see the comparison of games between the 360 and PS3 during the same time period in their releases to really see how much worse the PS3 is, I would bet that the PS3 is nowhere close to being DOOMED as some would like you to think.
If you want to talk mistakes then look at MS first, between their abandoning of the first XBOX and their use of inferior materials to make their current systems I would think that rather than try to detract from Sony, MS fans would be demanding more from their company of choice.
Sony might not dominate as they once did, but that is the ebb and flow of business, but to say that they are going to sit and let any other company take the portion of their market share without a fight is equally as silly.
I submit my solution "wait and see" just like 360 fans had to do, the only difference is that we wont have to wait as long as they did, as exclusives for the PS3 that are coveted by ALL gamers are right around the corner.
Good gaming to all......

Why o why4193d ago

some people have short memories and only think of today. most sensible non flaming comment ive read today + 1

BitbyDeath4193d ago

They should've focused less on showing the same games multiple times or for long periods and showed more of the exclusives. WarDevil, Eight Days, The Getaway etc etc

power of Green 4193d ago

What you speak is an excuse that makes no sense in the consumer market. You go ahead and try to down play exclusive games for the "Home console market" while the 360 continues to sell. Only Sony fanboys try and down play "Games for windows" playing it off as if its going to make a difference in the "Home console fight/market".

If Sony could they would also have double releases on two different Next-gen platforms if Sony had two.

Why o why4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

they can release on the psp ps3 and (last gens) ps2. Sell you a bravia or an mp3 player (off the point). Whats your point again?

And you should of had 3, RIP XBOX 1


did you get your 360 at launch? If so what were you playing in the first 7 - 10 months. (no flame just a QUESTION)

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