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Submitted by Nineball2112 2181d ago | review

Edge: Heavy Rain review

"Thank you for supporting Interactive Drama." David Cage may not repeat his digitised Fahrenheit appearance, but his voice rings clear in the first Trophy Heavy Rain awards. Odd it should arrive at the outset, where our 'support' amounts to one glass of orange juice glugged and two children entertained. Perhaps Cage means to reassure us. After months of struggling to describe and defend individual moments, Quantic Dream has found a confidence in the whole. But where great movies are unified in the editing suite, Heavy Rain's strength lies in those earlier inconsistencies. (Heavy Rain , PS3) 7/10

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Sevir04  +   2181d ago
B*tch Boo!
The_Devil_Hunter  +   2181d ago
Are these guys harsh or just plain $tupid. Who gives Uncharted 2 a 9, and Bayonetta a 10. *sigh* what is the world coming to.
JTX  +   2181d ago
Edge rated Bayonetta higher than Uncharted 2? LMAO they have no credibility in their reviews imo then.
deadreckoning666  +   2181d ago
"Are these guys harsh or just plain $tupid. Who gives Uncharted 2 a 9, and Bayonetta a 10. *sigh* what is the world coming to."

May I remind you that you live in world of people who have what are called OPINIONS and PREFERENCES. Not everyone will feel the same way about a game as another person. Btw, they gave Bayonetta a 10 and Uncharted 2 a 9. Its only ONE point lmao. I suggest you find more important things to complain about such as:

High video game prices
Bad ports from lazy developers
Gamestop ripping customers off
Why Sony and M$ don't suck it up and give us cross platform online play(PS3 players vs. 360 players)

@DevilHunter- So u joke about my comment instead of providing a logical rebuttle. Thank you for proving me right :) Btw, do u even OWN Heavy Rain to know what Edge says is inaccurate? Lol, if I'm Martha Stewart then you must be a psychic. And...since when is a 7 a bad score???
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Nineball2112  +   2181d ago
I'm not one to normally buy into conspiracy theories, but you have to admit that Edge seems to be quirky with their reviews.

Now, maybe it's strictly due to their tastes in the games they review... or maybe, just maybe, it's something else. *shrug*

I've got this game on pre-order, so I guess I'll see if I think this review matches my experience once I play it.
The_Devil_Hunter  +   2181d ago

Its a video game website not one of Martha Stewarts message boards.

May I repeat again what is the world coming to.
MetalGearBear  +   2181d ago
uncharted 2: 9/10 sold around 3 million on PS3 only.
Bayonetta: 10/10 sold 1 million on 360 & PS3.

that mean EDGE is still fail.
execution17  +   2181d ago
a 7
how lame i'd give it a 9/9.5 tops it's awesome played the demo like eleventy billion times, :( gonna be a tough choice on what games to buy come payday
Nineball2112  +   2181d ago
This review makes me wonder if they just don't get it or they don't WANT to get it.

In one part they write: "As a thriller, Heavy Rain thrives on jarring uncertainty."

But then they also write: "The controls don’t always make sense. Vigorously flailing the Sixaxis to bully an onscreen figure into brushing his teeth is far from simulation. And why, on a control pad with perfectly squishy triggers, are gunshots meted out with a prod of a stunted shoulder button? When inputs don’t bemuse, they often befuddle."

But aren't the controls part of making the gamer feel that "jarring uncertainty"?

LOL... I mean, seriously, didn't they think about that? I read somewhere else that Heavy Rain might have you pushing three face buttons at the same time which will be awkward to do... and that's the point. They want you to feel tension in parts of the game and the control scheme was developed to try and foster that feeling.
specialguest  +   2181d ago
As expected from Edge
By now, no one should cry foul or be surprised, it's Edge.
deadreckoning666  +   2181d ago
"how lame i'd give it a 9/9.5 tops it's awesome played the demo like eleventy billion times, :( gonna be a tough choice on what games to buy come payday"

So ud give Heavy Rain a 9/9.5 based off a DEMO? WOW
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captain-obvious  +   2181d ago
if it was a MS games then they would've gave it a 10

they gave U2 a 9 and Bayonetta a 10
and guess what U2 turned out to be GOTY
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Rampant  +   2181d ago
89! 89! 89! Thank you, edge, for this great review!
mastiffchild  +   2181d ago
As a trained and (long) timed served reporter it pains me to say this(especially about a fellow UK bunch of dudes and dudettes)but something's very odd at Edge.

They were always very pro Nintendo and very pro anything made by British devs(possibly through mixing with them more)and it seems no coincidence that the best Edge review for a PS3 exclusive was for the British made LBP.

I doubt they're biased towards MS-their average exclusive 360 score compaes pretty closely to metacritics with the exception of ME1 getting a stinker from them-but it's becoming hard to argue they don't have agrudge against Sony for some reason. They consistently, and over a long period of time, have marked practically every PS3 exclusive a good bit(averaging nearer 2 marks out of ten than one at the last count)lower than it's meta average. How long can that go on without serious questions being asked? Can it be coicidence after so many instances? Can it?

I've defended them for over a year, primarliy because I didn't want to believe fellow professionals might be biased and also because I feel they have some good writing talent on their books but I can't do it any more.

Maybe it's something as simple as the editor dislkes PS3(who knows why he might)and as a result gives it's exclusives to reviewers who don't like, know abut , the genre they're in. Say giving his jrpg guy MAG or KZ2 to review knowing he hates shooters, perhaps, no? That wuld be the easiest and least incriminating way to skew review scores the way you aim to would it not?

Oh , whatever, it's depressing but I've arrived at a point where I just can't ignore the stats on this one. It's shedload of PS3 exclusives reviewed and practically EVERY one has been marked down by Edge while their reviews on other platforms stay relatively close to, if slightly lower than(they also like to be harsher and use more of their scale in general but nothing that ccomes near to covern these discrepancies up)their meta averages. I'd love an answewr as those stats alone are really pretty damning and, seriously, I'm the very last person n N4G that would want to tjhink, for one moment, that British games journalists wer being actively biased.

Christ, with HR I could even accept this review as it's agame some just won't like but allied to all those other marked down PS3 games loved everywhere else what are people supposed to think? I just don't see how it's possibe so many games, like these, have suffered by chance. That edge's revewer happened, time and time again, to be way out of line with the rest of their industry and only about PS3 games.

Honestly, it beggars belief when you look at the stats, it REALLY looks bad. It's just depressing, more than anything as I'm at a loss to find any reasonable explanation(even though logic should be out of the window the moment the best game I've played this generation on any platform gets the same score as "Let's Tap!"-and I'm not being tricky as I'm not talking about "let's tap" myself you realise!).Gutted, really, really gutted.

People can poo-poo this aall they want but look at those figures and tell me it all adds up. Go n, explain it to me how Edge are only out of line with the rest of the press to this extent when it concerns games on PS3. It makes no sense.
raztad  +   2181d ago
EDGE gave ODST 9.

I'm not surprised at all by this score. It was quite expected. Moving on nothing to see here.
Shadow Flare  +   2181d ago
Edge do not know how to score games

I'll refer to their killzone 2 review which scored the game at 7/10. Killzone 2 went on to win many awards for shooter of the year, best ps3 shooter of the year and so on. How does "Best Shooter of the Year" equate to 7/10? They consistantly score below the metacritic; they are useless. They do not know how to review properly
jammy_70  +   2181d ago
not surprised
this mag shud dieeeee....
darkpower  +   2181d ago
PLEASE stop. You're only digging yourself a bigger hole, and you KNOW why there is a problem here.

Yeah, you have a right to your opinions, but when you're doing a review that others are going to read, and when others who do read it are going to use it to help in a decision to buy a product, then you have to give honest, factual information about the game that support the opinions. You need to show that you've actually played the game and be fair about what you're talking about. Edge has had a huge history of grading PS3 exclusives harsher than they do other games. In other words, they will take off from a PS3 exclusive's score for something that they GIVE points for for other games. It screams bias towards other system, or for the "anti-PS3" agenda.

No one here is saying that they had to give HR a 10/10 for us to be happy. We're saying that they nitpicked and gave us incorrect information and were being hypocritical. We're saying that the review was inconsistent from the multiplatform reviews that Edge does. Yet, no one can call them out because, for some reason, it's only okay to BE inconsistent towards PS3 exclusives, and we're not being fanboys by saying that.

EDIT@Greywulf: First off, that quote was made by someone back in 2006, and that someone is no longer with the company. If they STILL have a grudge about that, they should just come out and SAY that. They shouldn't be half-assing reviews like this and giving every PS3 exclusive a hard time just because they CAN!

This is more than just some "rabid PS3 fanboys" mad about a score. This is about gamers who feel disenfranchised by a site/magazine that won't be fair about anything. I'm sure if they judged 360 games this way, then everyone up and down, down and up, would be calling them out, and we would never hear the end of it. Yet, for some reason, because it's a PS3 exclusive, it's justified, right?
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The Pheen-X  +   2181d ago
Geez, you people need to calm down, its just a seven out of ten. We all know it deserves more than that.
Greywulf  +   2181d ago
Honestly, PS3 Fans... why are you still crying & complaining about edge?
Review scores have done absolutely nothing outside of provide something to argue about on this site. Reviews have little to nothing to do with success or sales. Its been 3 years? And.. the PS3 is still here.. selling just fine. Great exclusives are coming out, as they always have been.

EDGE flops 90% of PS3 games, then throws a bone out for the titles with universal praise, and even then... Bayonetta 10/10.

Every ps3 title is heavily scrutinized in the media. Do you think the PS3 could have got away with ME(if it was a ps3 exclusive) without online? Nope. With the bugs and the glitches? Nope.. and still get called a "FLAWED GEM 9/10". Same with Bioshock. No, questions about the Cell and sony's mistakes claiming people would need 2 jobs to buy one would come up. As always.

Try the demo, call it a day. But isn't it getting old? Edge.. like Eurogamer and Gametrailers clearly has a separate bar for PS3/360 games. It seems like its their job to comfort the 360 community to lead them/gaming to believe that PS3 games aren't worth it or something?
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captain-obvious  +   2181d ago
i just want to add an another thing

its nice to see all those replies really
it shows that alot of xbox fanboys are interested in this game
where the hell have you guys been from those reviews ?
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sikbeta  +   2181d ago
lol Edge give HR 7/10 cuz The Characters in the Game don't do this:
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-Alpha  +   2181d ago
You know, I agree with you. EDGE is really off the wall, and it doesn't help that PS3 exclusives are the reviews that seem the most wacky.

It's hard to ignore or argue with people when they feel that EDGE has a bias.
Rampant  +   2181d ago
Captain Obvious

They were probably too busy hanging on metacritic.
Statix  +   2181d ago
@raztad (1.14)
That's interesting. They gave Halo ODST a 9/10.

Yet Killzone 2, considered by many publications one of the best shooters of 2009, and a veritable GOTY contender, only gets a 7/10. Same score as Section 8, by the way (reviewed back when it was a 360 exclusive).

Some other notable Edge review scores of the top titles for PS3:

Resistance 2 60%
Resistance 1 70%
MAG 60%
Killzone 2 70%
InFamous 70%
Heavy Rain 70%
ico92  +   2181d ago
im actually not that botherd by EDGE'S score of Heavy Rain I mean for a game with as limited appeal like Heavy rain to score a 7/10 from the harshest critics for ps3 games ,that is pretty good but im still botherd by their reviews i mean an 7/10 for K2 but a 9/10 for ODST i mean wtf ?
Sitdown  +   2181d ago
at the people always running in and being upset over Edge for not giving the score they feel a game should receive; with most of the time it being games these upset people have not played at the time. Just because you think UC2 is the best thing ever, it does not mean it is the best thing ever to everybody else. I enjoyed UC 2, but it was not a 10 in my book...the final boss battle was a let down. I hate the fact that they make Drake out to be this unique explorer, but every time he goes somewhere or unlocks something...bad guys just happen to be around.

As somebody stated, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and credibility does not necessarily have to be lost because somebody enjoys a particular game over another. To the person that gave the sale figures....did you forget that UC2 had the fanbase from UC1? So your logic fails. Again, I enjoyed UC 2........but at the end of the day, I prefer Hot Shots golf...for ME, its the better value, and at the end of the day ranks hire for ME.

Finally, stop comparing scores..they are not necessarily scoring these games in comparison to one another.
PshycoNinja  +   2181d ago
At this point
I would rather Edge go out of business instead of EGM.
FamilyGuy  +   2181d ago
Good thing there's a demo
So slanted reviews like this don't fully effect the sales of people who already planned to buy it.
tinybigman  +   2181d ago
i really dont care what Edge thinks about PS3 exclusive games not made by Brit developers. i planned on getting this game from the very first time i laid eyes on it.

i stopped giving credence to what reviewers say since it's my opinion that only matters. look at WKC i didnt care what reviewers said i bought it, and i'm loving it. im spliting time between this and Mass Effect 2.

so again let Edge keep scoring PS3 exclusives low they only make themselves look stupid in the end.
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marinelife9  +   2181d ago
I give Edge a 5.5/10 for trust in their reviews.

I would have missed out on a lot of good games if I believed what they scored.
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we won   2181d ago | Spam
Saaking  +   2181d ago
OMG GASP!!! Edge giving a PS3 exclusive a 7!?!? I'm soooooooo surprised :D
andron666  +   2181d ago
Who didn't see a 7 coming Heavy Rain'sway from EDGE? (Actually I was counting on 6-7, was sort of expecting a 6 to be honest)

They got sort of a problem when you can predict their scores beforehand like this...
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PshycoNinja  +   2181d ago
what the duece dude. First its Zues and now it's Hades? Chose one God and stick with that God. I chose Kratos because he will be the "fallen God" that ends up Killing Olympus!

On Topic: I thought the Heavy Rain demo was awesome. Hopefully I can buy it first day (if my finances allow me).
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Cyrax_87  +   2181d ago
I think it's hilarious how they gave Fahrenheit a better score, and now when a much better game comes out in the same genre, they rate it lower, because it's PS3 exclusive.

Fahrenheit - 8/10 (Multi)
Heavy Rain - 7/10 (Exclusive)
jessupj  +   2181d ago
A review should NOT be an opinion. It should be a critique against a clear set of standards. Think about it this way. There is an english teacher sitting at his desk marking 2 separate essays. Both of them are on different subjects, but both have the same level of quality (grama, pacing, spelling, articulation etc). The teacher required to mark the essays in question according to a set of strict guidelines. Guidelines I might add that have been discussed, standardized and published for all teachers to read and follow.

But this teacher, instead of rightfully giving the same mark for both essays, grades one of them lower because he doesn't personally like this particular student. Or maybe he degrades it because he doesn't like the subject matter.

This is what edge and other unprofessional so called gaming journalists are doing, or so it seems. Marking according to their personal likes and dislikes (and fanboy bias) and giving their opinion of games, instead of reviewing ALL games CONSISTENTLY against a clear set of standards.

I mean, how can anyone truly believe ODST deserves a 9 and Killzone 2 a 7? Forget the countless other harsh ps3 reviews by Edge. It's absolutely laughable and pathetic Edge actually did this. I don't care who you are, in no universe would ODST ever be considered equal to the quality of killzone2, let alone a whole 2 points above it.

I have to question people's intelligence when they excuse a ridiculously bias review with, "It's his opinion, he's entitled to it." I say again, a review is not the same as an opinion. Please read my comment again if you cannot grasp this, or if you disagree please give a reason. I also have to question the judgement of anyone that seriously follows Edge's reviews.
PshycoNinja  +   2181d ago
from this point on i'm going to show people your comment when people say "but its a review, their entitled to their opinion." Yes their entitled to an opinion but a Review is not an Opinion Piece.
ScoobyDrew  +   2181d ago
"Why Sony and M$ don't suck it up and give us cross platform online play(PS3 players vs. 360 players)"

dead, you're an idiot... why would microsoft or sony want to collaborate in any way shape or form. competition is what drives these companies to make great games and even if you combined online play for the multiplat games it would still not work because the consoles wouldn't even be able to work with each other
Sharpshell  +   2181d ago
@ mastifchild
that is one excellent analysis... I couldn't have put it better myself and in fact you provided a lot of concrete facts to support my feeling that there IS DEFINITELY something weird going on over at Edge.

Its very weird that a gaming Mag which is pretty dedicated to games as art and all that would be so harsh on the messiah of arty games. I mean whether or not you like Heavy rain, its hard to deny it aims for the "games as art" category not the "games are for 13 year old to pretend to be a space marine" so how it scored lower than ODST is beyond me.

I'm not try to say ODST is worse than Heavy Rain, I haven't played either, but I'm just saying based on my experience with Edge you would think that their MO would lead them to like the one game more than the other.
#1.39 (Edited 2181d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Buttons  +   2181d ago
@1.38 "why would microsoft or sony want to collaborate in any way shape or form."
There's a thing called Windows and there's a thing called Vaio.

Related image(s)
Ravage27  +   2181d ago
i knew right from the start
that Edge would give a 7 and there will be clueless people like Sitdown trying to defend them.

I don't know what caused them to become so biased against Sony but it doesn't matter - Edge should just stop reviewing ps3 games if they hate them so much, and they should do that before someone burn their office down
JeffGUNZ  +   2181d ago
When did 7 become such a terrible review? I mean come on, back in the day this was a good score. People here think if you don't get a 9 or 10, the game is bad and or the reviewer is non-credible. 7 is a pretty good score.
Bubble Buddy  +   2181d ago
hey hey hey guessed who guessed right, well for Eurogamer anyways who will probably rate it a 7 too.
Ravage27  +   2181d ago
@JeffGUNZ numbers are only useful for comparisons
7 is bad when games like odst get a 9 from them
BlackAvenger7  +   2181d ago
Im playing the game right now, and Im at scene(or chapter) 39, characters are deep, story is great so far, but the only problem Im having is that all my PSN friends are sending me msgs asking me how the hell I got my copy so early, lol..
GameGambits  +   2181d ago
That quick blurb up top on this page is some of the worst writing I have ever seen. I'd rather read something by HHG than this pseudo smart guy yammerings. If this is just google translate screwing up then that is fine, but if this is how he writes...LOL @ Edge even more.

I can't wait to play this game next week though. I flipped a 180 after some time with the demo. :)
Oner  +   2180d ago
@ Rampant ~ Why go by Metacritic when they don't count every review site? Only the ones THEY choose...doesn't that seem a bit odd right? Especially when you can go by N4G's Meta scale right here ~

Why only look at part of the information? When you can look at ALL of it to be better informed and without a bias slant. Me ~ I personally rather base my opinions on ALL information not SOME...very much like how NPD does not = the World Wide Stage.
TheHater  +   2181d ago
PS3 exclusive being review by EDGE?
7/10 you say? To be expected from EDGE 90% of all the PS3 reviews get a 7/10. It seems that ever PS3 exclusive get a 7/10 from EDGE. So I am calling it right now. God of War 3 will get a 7/10 from EDGE
#2 (Edited 2181d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SuperStrokey1123  +   2181d ago
except lbp i think you are correct. Anyone have a list of ps3 exclusives ranked by edge?
Nineball2112  +   2181d ago
@ SuperStrokey1123

Like I mention further down, there was an interesting blog post about Edge scoring PS3 games lowering than X360 games:
Double07  +   2181d ago
Their GOW3 review should be entertaining too, shame we gotta wait a month for a laugh at that.

Im predicting a 7-8 from these clowns.
ico92  +   2181d ago
2 points deducted for being on the ps3
fan_of_gaming  +   2181d ago
I posted this on the next page but I don't know if many people will see it there so I'll put it here too:

PS3 Exlusive..... Metacritic/ Edge/ Differential
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves..... 96/ 90/ -6
LittleBigPlanet..... 95/ 100/ +5
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots..... 94/ 80/ -14
God Of War Collection..... 91/ N/A/ N/A
Killzone 2..... 91/ 70/ -21
MLB 09: The Show..... 90/ N/A/ N/A
Heavy Rain..... 89/ NA/ NA
Demon's Souls..... 89/ 90/ +1
Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction..... 89/ 80/ -9
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune..... 88/ 80/ -8
Ninja Gaiden Sigma..... 88/ 80/ -8
Resistance 2..... 87/ 60/ -27
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time..... 87/ 70/ -17
Valkyria Chronicles..... 86/ 70/ -16
Resistance: Fall Of Man..... 86/ 70/ -16
MLB 08: The Show..... 85/ N/A/ N/A
Infamous..... 85/ 70/ -15
Warhawk..... 84/ 80/ -4
Yakuza 3..... 83/ N/A/ N/A
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2..... 83/ 70/ -13
Motorstorm..... 82/ 80/ -2
Singstar..... 82/ 80/ -2
Motorstorm: Pacific Rift..... 82/ 70/ -12
Hot Shots Golf: Out Of Bounds..... 81/ N/A/ N/A
Buzz: Quiz World..... 80/ N/A/ N/A
Buzz: Quiz TV..... 80/ 70/ -10
Gran Turismo 5: Prologue..... 80/ 70/ -10
Disgaea 3: Absence Of Justice..... 78/ 80/ +2
MLB 07: The Show..... 77/ N/A/ N/A
Singstar Motown..... 76/ N/A/ N/A
MAG..... 76/ 60/ -16
Singstar: Volume 2..... 76/ N/A/ N/A
Folklore..... 75/ 50/ -25
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm..... 75/ N/A/ N/A
The Eye Of Judgement..... 75/ 40/ -35
Formula 1..... 74/ 40/ -34
Singstar Queen..... 74/ N/A/ N/A
Singstar Pop..... 73/ N/A/ N/A
Singstar: Take That..... 73/ N/A/ N/A
Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli..... 71/ 70/ -1
Eyepet..... 70/ N/A/ N/A
Singstar Abba..... 70/ N/A/ N/A
Singstar: Volume 3..... 69/ N/A/ N/A
Supercar Challenge..... 65/ N/A/ N/A
White Knight Chronicles..... 64/ N/A/ N/A
NBA 09..... 63/ N/A/ N/A
NBA 08..... 63/ N/A/ N/A
Socom: Confrontation..... 63/ 50/ -13
Afrika..... 63/ N/A/ N/A
NBA 07..... 63/ N/A/ N/A
Time Crisis 4..... 60/ 50/ -10
Genji: Days Of The Blade..... 55/ 50/ -5
Haze..... 55/ 50/ -5
Lair..... 53/ 30/ -23
Cross Edge..... 52/ N/A/ N/A

Total Average....................... ............... 76.98/ 67.74/ -9.24
Average Of The Titles Edge Reviewed..... 79.65/ 67.74/ -11.91

# Titles Scored Above Metacritic............. 3 Out of 31

# Titles Scored Below Metacritic............. 28 Out Of 31
# Titles Scored 0-4% Below Metacritic..... 4 Out Of 28
# Titles Scored 5%+ Below Metacritic...... 24 Out Of 28
# Titles Scored 10%+ Below Metacritic.... 18 Out Of 28
# Titles Scored 15%+ Below Metacritic..... 11 Out Of 28
# Titles Scored 20%+ Below Metacritic..... 6 Out Of 28
# Titles Scored 25%+ Below Metacritic..... 4 Out Of 28
# Titles Scored 30%+ Below Metacritic..... 2 Out Of 28
# Titles Scored 35%+ Below Metacritic..... 1 Out Of 28

Conclusion: On average, Edge scores PS3 exclusives 11.91% lower than the Metacritic score

I started this before Edge's Heavy Rain review came out, so it isn't included in the Edge average but once again Edge is below Metacritic by 18%, as the current Metacritic is 88, down 1% from when I made this analysis.

*N/A indicates that Edge did not review that game at the time this was made
djfullshred  +   2181d ago
dang, fan of gaming...that is good research. Using your statistics, one can assume a game ranked 7 on Edge is at least a solid 8 or better by most people's standards.
SuperStrokey1123  +   2180d ago
Thanks for the figures guys. Now we know to add about 15 points to each of their scores... which is crazy.
hybridtheory12  +   2181d ago
anyone NOT see this coming? Edge hate most ps3 exclusives.
The_Devil_Hunter  +   2181d ago
Most of us did Mr. Linkin Park.
LordMarius  +   2181d ago
I didn't believe it before but now I get the point

Edge = teh biased, seriously
meetajhu  +   2181d ago
Edge needs to be removed from MetaScore and i need to review Edge magzine. Worst Mag and site ever!
jessupj  +   2181d ago
I find it extremely shocking that edge's review scores are calculated on metacritic when it's plainly obvious they're childish fanboys that hate PS3 exclusives.
abmac713  +   2181d ago
7/10...Why am I not surprised?
I was expecting a score somewhere in the negative range from Edge:

-Cool title

-Tank controls
-Slow pacing
-QTE's flood the screen and make us dizzy
-Voice acting makes me cringe
-This is a movie, not a game
-It's a PS3 exclusive
-We have more CONS but we've run out of space
-Oh, did we mention it's a PS3 exclusive?

(Not really quote on quote btw, lol).

But seriously, I was expecting some mixed reviews for Heavy Rain. Hell, it's a day one purchase for me!
#4 (Edited 2181d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
gijsbrecht  +   2181d ago
Every time when Edge says that a game is 'meh',
is a day one buy for me. Can't freakin' wait for HR
#5 (Edited 2181d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MetalGearBear  +   2181d ago
EGDE should be out of business for good!!!!
who with me!!!
Counter Strike  +   2181d ago
Another FAIL
Sony keeps delivering
JTX  +   2181d ago
Fail? Try again dumb ass

Aftonbladet 100
Boomtown 100
Empire 100
Examiner 100
GamAlive 100
Gameblog 100
Gamepro 100
Gamervision 100
Joypad 100
JustPushStart 100
Micromania 100
MSN 100
OPM US 100
Playstation Life**** 100
PushSquare 100
TVG 100
VG 100

Next Gen 99
PSi 98 97
Video Vibes 97
Game Informer 95
Gaming Nexus 95
JVN 95
PS3insider 95
PSX Extreme 95
Wonderwallweb 95
IncGamer 94 94
Vandal 93
Famitsu 92,5
Cheat CC 92
GamingXP 92
9lives 91
Games Master 91
Gaming Trend 91
Spong 91
1UP 90
3DJuegos 90
Acegamez 90
Cynamite 90
Eurogamer 90 90 90 90 90 90 90
Fragland 90
Gamereactor 90 90 90
Gamers Globe 90
Gamerzines 90
Gamespy 90 90
IGN 90
NZGamer 90
Pelaaja 90
PlayFrance 90 90
Play3-Live 90
PS Nation 90
PS3 Center 90
PS3 Vault 90
PS3Bloggen 90
SpazioGames 90
The Lost Gamer 90
Total Playstation 90
Video Games Daily 90
Videogamer 90

Gametrailers 89
PSM3 88
Hexus 85
Tom's Games France 85
Allaboutthegames 80
CVG 80
Digital Battle 80 80
G4 80
Gamekyo 80 80
GameRevolution 80
Jeux Actu 80
Level7 80
Meristation 80
PS3 Informer 80
Telegraph 80

Bad sites :

Jeux Video 75
Destructoid 70
Edge 70
GamesRadar 70
TheSixthAxis 70
Yahoo 70
Gamekult 60
TANUKI  +   2181d ago

Nicely done. Bubble for you.
rawd  +   2181d ago
Motherfraggin kablownage
If I could give you 10 bubbles I would
Aquarius  +   2181d ago
JTX humiliated you and OWNED all the BOTS on this site.
blasian  +   2181d ago
lol jtx
the "dum @$$" part made it truly funny i applaud ur criticism
WildArmed  +   2181d ago
DAMN, some1 just go raped D:
And unfortunately i was here to witness it.

*cuts his eyes out*
redsquad  +   2181d ago
Holy crap, you get four 'disagrees' for providing nothing but hard FACTS. Some of the bleating 360 zombies seem to be clinging to their fantasy world by nothing but their fingertips.

And brilliant list by the way! Seems like HEAVY RAIN is a critical smash and Edge are once again being the 'different kid'.
chrisulloa  +   2181d ago
Rofl, look at all those bad review sites and 70/100 scores. Pathetic, you can't even justify those reviews.
nefertis  +   2181d ago
@Counter Strike got butt raped by JTX. Playb3yond
JonnyBigBoss  +   2181d ago
Their scores are always ridiculous.
BeaArthur  +   2181d ago
There are so many haters out there. So they didn't think it was great, who cares. No one should be this upset with 1 review. If you like the demo (I thought it was cool) then buy the game. If you didn't, maybe it's not your thing, don't buy it. People are so immature, no one should be fired or out of business because of how they review games. If you don't like the way they review then don't read them.
LordMarius  +   2181d ago
No one is upset we are all just in caught in a web of confusion as to what Edge considers a good game, I'm guessing it cant be a PS3 title, but thats just my guess.
BeaArthur  +   2181d ago
Who knows, maybe, but I don't see people who are confused on here, I see people who have made up their mind that EDGE doesn't know what it's doing, or they're biased, or they're haters, etc. I mean I have no idea I don't read EDGE on a regular basis and I don't pay attention to how they review games but if they gave Bayonetta a 10 (which I disagree with), then clearly who ever reviewed it thought it was a 10. I understand that you might be confused by it but every individual reviewer looks for different things. Unfortunately their is no universal criteria so we have to love with the system we have. It shouldn't matter this much to anyone.
#9.2 (Edited 2181d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Nineball2112  +   2181d ago
@ BeaArthur - I don't think it's that people are upset with this ONE review... it's the obvious pattern that Edge shows against PS3 exclusives.

Here is an old blog that really summed it up pretty darn well:

It's an interesting read, imo.
abmac713  +   2181d ago
That's why I never base my purchase off critical acclaim, but more so off a pre-released demo or beta or something of the sort. Although I did enjoy Halo, Oni was my favorite Bungie title, but reviews for it were mixed. Some games reach people in ways that don't reach others. Edge is known for hammering PS3 exclusives though, and generally, I happen to disagree with their reviews. Even so, I was expecting mixed reviews for a title like Heavy Rain which is breaking the mold and is stepping into unknown boundaries. Personally, I wouldn't use Edge as a reference point, but to each his own.
#9.4 (Edited 2181d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BeaArthur  +   2181d ago
Nineball2112...but that is my point. If they have some sort of track record of scoring PS3 games low then why are all these people still paying attention to them? I see this all the time, a review comes out that people don't agree with and all of a sudden it's boycott them, or they're biased, or *insert insult*, etc. If you know going in that you don't like the way this publication/website reviews games don't start crying about it when you think they give a bad score, you knew it was coming.
sikbeta  +   2181d ago

Is not like the PS3 owners only care about, this a "weapon" for fanboys of the other Crew and another thing is that when Some Game is Really Good, hell when something/whatever is really good, don't deserve the Recognition for Being That Good

Edit: you're right, but just cuz this Game is different/play different, lets just wait for The GOW3 Review from Edge, a Hack and Slash Game will be easy to Review since the Genre is Known and when they come out with some "meh" Review score and comparing it with other Reviews, the "Problem" will be more clear

I'm pointing this cuz by the time all the Info/Impressions from sites are making More than Praising GOW3, but I don't see anything abut Edge at all
#9.6 (Edited 2181d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Nineball2112  +   2181d ago
@ Bea... oh, okay. I get where you're coming from now. Yeah, I agree with you. Knowing that Edge almost always rates PS3 exclusives lower, there's really no reason to get overly worked up about, because if they haven't changed by now, they probably won't.

That's a good point.

I suppose that maybe everyone just wishes that wasn't the case.
BeaArthur  +   2181d ago
sikbeta...I see what you are saying but you are missing my point. A game being good or bad is subjective. I mean lets be honest here, although it is a video game, Heavy Rain doesn't play like any other video game. So naturally some people won't get it or won't like it because it is not traditional, but it's their right to have that opinion. Just because you an I may think it's great doesn't mean everyone has to feel that way.

Nineball2112...and I'm not going to sit here and say they don't have a point (again I don't know one way or another, I don't read EDGE) but they all look stupid when they go on rants about the same thing everytime they post a review.
#9.8 (Edited 2181d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
polow got sol  +   2181d ago
Lets just toss this at the bottom of the barrel along with wnk and mag
Man In Black  +   2181d ago
You missed out the a. Which is clearly what you do when you hear about PS3 exclusives getting below 9 in review scores.
celldomceen1  +   2181d ago
this was to be expected. After playing the demo the decision was made, its a first day purchase for me. Everyone has the right to their opinion so i respect the reviewers opinion, but i disagree with this score. The funny thing is i usually disagree with the edge review of ps3 exclusives.
Slient Knight 9  +   2181d ago
pity edge didn't like Heavy Rain but still 7/10 good score to be honest
Fishy Fingers  +   2181d ago
Ain't gonna win them all. Overall though I hugely surprised by how well Heavy Rain has been received.

Heavy Rain was always going to split opinions, this isn't and wont be the last 7/10, although I'm sure it'll get the most attention.
BeaArthur  +   2181d ago
Finally someone gets it.
jessupj  +   2181d ago
Wrong, a review isn't an opinion. Read my blog.
BeaArthur  +   2180d ago
jessupj...actually all reviews have opinions. Even when following a strict criteria, opinions always seep in. And why would I go read your blog; who are you? Your opinion isn't any more relevant than mine or anyone else's. Not to mention a blog is filled with opinion. So you want me to go read your blog, that is an opinion on how reviews aren't based on opinion? Do you see the irony.
saimcheeda  +   2181d ago
What is with edge and thesixthaxis?
what do they have against the PS3?
Socomer 1979  +   2181d ago
when is sony going to blacklist this site?
Like Do it Now Sony.
RealityCheck  +   2181d ago
Sorry but blacklisting a site just means they don't get interviews and they have to buy their own game copies to review. It wouldn't stop them from reviewing PS3 games, it would in fact probably just lower the PS3 review ceiling from 7/10 to 5/10 or less.
Eric Cartman  +   2181d ago
Sure people have different opinions but their opinions do not hold the same weight and they are not equal. If a person is of the opinion that Hitler had done better things than, say, Bill Clinton, then he's a retard, a jerk, or a retarded jerk. Likewise, people who claim that they know about gaming and expect people to take their time (and spend money) and read their writings and "opinions" and claim objectivity and still give Bayonetta a higher score are not just retarded, they are a disgrace to the entire human race. That is Eric Cartman's opinion. Respect his opinions and his authoratah.
supersonicsaga  +   2181d ago
Just add two points onto ps3 edge review scores to get the real score.
jessupj  +   2181d ago
It's true. Edge reviews automatically deduct 2 points from scores of ps3 exclusives because... they're ps3 exclusives.

So just automatically add 2 points to edge's ps3 reviews to get the real score.
thief  +   2181d ago
So Heavy Rain is as good as Killzone 2 aaccording to Edge, too bad for them that they think ODST is a much better game than either title, speaks a lot about EDGE
jessupj  +   2181d ago
And once again.... a review is not an opinion.
ps3hasonlyflopgames  +   2181d ago
heavy buttons fails again..

bu but edge is biased say ps3 fans hahahaha
JTX  +   2181d ago
Ya it's funny how you only concentrate on the 7 reviews that give it a 7/10 and not the 30+ that have given it 9's and 10's. Your logic fails.
quadalupeupe  +   2181d ago
Microsoft can buy anything, including reviews from Edge
book it, Microsoft is sharing a little dinero to their wh0res and Edge is on board
ps3hasonlyflopgames  +   2181d ago
conspiracy is only one of arguments of ps3 fans.. here anothers excuses:

"but edge give the crap scores for exclusives of ps3"

"edge is house of 360 fans"

" the taste of media is only for shooters"

please people its only opinion of edge.. stay calm.
#19.3 (Edited 2181d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
cliffbo  +   2180d ago
i'd say the list above verifies that, don't you?
infamousinfolite  +   2181d ago
Watch as the Xbots feed off of this score saying the "ps3 only has flop games"
Conando  +   2181d ago
It's almost identical to the PS3 fanboys feeding off of the low scores for Mass Effect 2, which are 100 times more difficult to find than low reviews for Heavy Rain.
damnightmare  +   2181d ago
@4.1 Says the troll
redsquad  +   2181d ago
Like I've said in the past: Brainwashed 360 zombies and 'bad' PS3 reviews equals 'flies around $hite'. They wet their knickers with glee when the first '6' comes in, then 'la la lah' away the 9 and 10 scores which form the majority.

In all seriousness, this comes across as a legitimate mental disorder to me. A person who literally ONLY sees what they want to see and refuses to acknowledge the existence of anything that threatens their insecure little bubble of delusion is actually rather terrifying.
chrisulloa  +   2181d ago
There's only one bad metacritic score for ME2, and it didn't even move the average (The website didn't have enough weight to bring it down)
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2181d ago
Saying this game is bad from some immature kids, is no longer valid.

I saw some scores from the site, and well, I think I will not take seriously this site with their scores, watching some games that deservers a higher score (when other sites like IGN or Gamespot have a higher score with the same game, and Im not talking about only for Heavy Rain).

I will not be surprised if this site will put a 6 for God of War 3.
#21 (Edited 2181d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
quadalupeupe  +   2181d ago
don't support EDGE, don't visit their website
the more they'll keep giving good games troll scores it gets them attention and website hits

kind of like if you notice how they always have trollish headlines to reel people in so they can get crapload of hits

don't do the same for Edge king of Trollish magazines
The_Nameless_One  +   2181d ago
A 7 from Edge for a Sony exclusives mean a 9 in the real world...JK...

In all seriousness. While I understand and respect the opinions of other people you all have to admit that Edge (and a large number of other publications) have been overly harsh with the games coming out from Sony.

Frankly I couldn't care less for what they think. Heavy Rain is trying to bring something new to the table in a sea FPS games and I welcome the change.
Dazel  +   2181d ago
Guys guys guys...
Edge are British and Quantum Dreams French, so simple. We've always hated the French, no hang on, everyone hates the French!

So there you go Fanboys, it wasn't a PS3 hate campaign conspiracy after all!
Gimped Hardware  +   2181d ago
Yet again Edge tell it how it really is.......
I was so looking forward to buying this game but was waiting for Edge's non-biased review and now i'm not going to bother.

Surely i can play some half-decent games on my PS3 at the beginning of the year........

MAG + WKC have both flopped so apparently no.

Well back to the 360 then i guess, atleast i'm spoilt for choice with AAA games there.
zahdab  +   2181d ago
such a believable heart warming story of a boy waiting on the Edge to tell him the truth ... ummmm yea bubye
Man In Black  +   2181d ago
More like the heart warming story of a boy who likes to suck on Edge's hairy dong every night because it helps him to sleep.
Dtoxz  +   2181d ago
If you really had a ps3, then you wouldn't create an n4g account and call yourself gimped hardware. Or were you referring to the hardware god gave you? I'm talking about your lil' pipper for all the slow people out there.

Having trouble gettin it up? It's cause you have gimped hardware. We understand, don't we guys?
#25.3 (Edited 2181d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
batman2million  +   2181d ago
I think they do it for attention/hits.

I don't see any other reason why people would even care about Edge.
sedx  +   2181d ago
edge are run by fat ugly fu*ks who cant get laid, and who stand in line at midnight for a halo release.....

this is a solid 10/10....
Figboy  +   2181d ago
i'm not here to comment on the review, but i am here to note that
once again, Edge has scored a Playstation 3 exclusive title 7/10.

it is nearly mathematically impossible for so many PS3 exclusive titles to be 7/10 titles. so far this generation, they have given what, 3? Playstation 3 exclusives higher than a 7/10? MGS4, Little Big Planet, and Uncharted 2?

in the mean time, they've given numerous Xbox 360 exclusives 9/10+ scores.

i'm not saying the 360 exclusives DON'T deserve the 9/10+ scores (games like Mass Effect, Gears, etc, most certainly DO deserve high scores).

i'm just saying that not every PS3 exclusive deserves 7/10 scores, with only 3 or so getting higher than that.

i'd understand if this was a consistent thing. as in, Edge consistently scores some of the best games across ALL platforms in the 7/10 range, because they use the full 1-10 scale, but it's blatantly obvious that they DON'T use the full 1-10 scale.

there is absolutely NO WAY that Bayonetta is the pinnacle of action/adventure games. a 10/10 score for that game is so egregious it's laughable. hell, God of War Collection is more deserving of a 10/10 score than Bayonetta, and i don't even think that God of War Collection deserves that score either!

Edge has completely lost touch with being able to consistently, and objectively score games across platforms.

it doesn't matter if the text of the review is full of positive praise, when at the end of the day, they just slap a 7/10 on the game and leave it at that.

they claim they reward originality and innovation, and yet they slap a 9/10 score on Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2. don't be hypocrites Edge.

Uncharted 2 is hand's down my favorite game of this generation, but it's not original or innovative. i think it deserves a 9/10+ score because it's one of the best examples of interactive media on consoles for it's genre, Action/Adventure.

Edge is even inconsistent in their own review tenets.

Bayonetta is also as far from innovative as you can get.

so what are they really rewarding with Bayonetta? if they are rewarding fun factor, then sure, slap a 9/10, 10/10 score on it. i never said Bayonetta wasn't fun, i simply said that Bayonetta is not a 10/10 game based on Edge's OWN mission statement of rewarding originality and innovation. Bayonetta has neither.

i don't think Edge is rewarding innovation, creativity, OR fun. i think they are simply slapping arbitrary review scores on hot games to garner hits. and that's a despicable tactic. that's why i refuse to visit their site for any reason. it's why i stopped reading their magazine many moons ago. they are the scum of gaming "journalism" or what passes for gaming journalism these days.

i've seen BLOGS with more integrity than Edge.

they clearly aren't rewarding innovation in their reviews, or else more innovative games than Uncharted and Bayonetta would have received higher scores.

Edge are a joke. i don't think 360 OR PS3 fans should give them any type of support. they are doing a grave injustice to the gaming industry with their tactics.
#28 (Edited 2181d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
tudors  +   2181d ago
I was expecting a 5 or a 6 from edge.
PStu'rd  +   2181d ago
LOL @ ''thank you for supporting interactive drama''

Honest man this Cage guy is. Shame Kojima didnt have the balls to expose MGS4 like that.
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