Two and a Half Hour Killzone 2 Preview at E3

Kotaku's Brian Crecente recently received an official invitation for a Killzone 2 Preview at E3. The duration of this preview? Two and a half hours. Crecente assumes it has to be a hands-on demo.


Andrew Yoon, writer and editor of has also receieved an invitation for the pre-E3 event. The scheduled event runs from 9:30PM-12:00AM on Tuesday July 10th. This happens to run concurrently with Microsoft's planned press conference.

Additionally, Yoon mentions that only 150 invites have been extended to the press.

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kingofps34192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

YEA!!! Now, we have enough time for new CG trailer, gameplay trailer, playable demo, developer gameplay walkthrough, and of course, some sweaty Bungie employees.

Edit: @original seed
Oh, I guess u haven't played or even seen the reception of the public and the media towards the Halo 3 public beta. Bungie has everything to be worried about this gen. Everybody knows that the PS3 is much superior to the Xbox 360 technologically.

Also, the media are the ones who started the whole "KillZone vs. HALO 2” bs. So to inform you, it wasn’t me k, much to your disappointment.

Edit: @nobizlikesnowbiz
Of course! Halo 3 is gonna make a lot of $$$. But, is it enough to keep the console upright? Selling the 360 with the name of Halo 3 attached to it is not a good thing. Microsoft really needs to thank the third-party for their support. But, for how long will that last? Sony have already said they will see to it that the third-party publishers jump to PS3 exclusivity bandwagon once more units are out in gamers hands. So, if I was an Xbot, I’d be worried.

@nobizlikesnowbiz (after ur edit)
By you stating that the PS3 is "Pretty much a dead console" is silly, silly as a little girl. You don't want me to start on the topic of the "Three Red Lights of Doom”, do you? Yup, I though so. So you be just “sitting very comfortably, playing great games on XBL, and very happy” with your 360 when the RED RINGS hits yaa. lol

@ d1ckface below, better known as nobizlikesnowbiz :
Lol. Looks like you are denying the existence of the "Three Red Lights of Doom”.

You know what’s “something retarded”? It’s the Microsoft Entertainment & Devices Division.

“BTW it looks to me like M$ is actually working on fixing the problem,” regarding the many technical failure issues that plagues the 360 hardware. You know what I think? I think the YouTube users are doing more to address this issue and to resolve the problem that Microsoft. Just ask Peter Moore and he will tell you it’s a “moving target” and address nothing.

Edit: @The BS Police
I feel you but I don't completely agree. You know, a lot of 360 gamers and the gaming media were not blown away by the beta much less its graphics (of course, I understand the game is in pre-alpha state currently).

@ Icewake
“Mentally handicapped”?
“Halo could sell millions just for having Halo in the title”
“Killzone 2 is going to have to be on HELL of a game to make up for the first”
“Give up on Killzone 2”
“Pray Sony creates a new FPS first party to try and down the king”
“Killzone 2 sure as hell never will”
Ookk, you sure are “Mentally handicapped”.

nobizlikesnowbiz4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Props to KZ2 if it's awesome I MIGHT buy a PS3.

And about that "sweaty Bungie employees" comment. I'm not really trying to rain on your parade, but Halo 3 is GARANTEED madd $$$ billz in the bank for both Bungie, and Microsoft. To deny that is to show how blind you really are to the rage that is the Halo franchise.

EDIT @ kingofps3: Sorry but I just plain disagree. I'm not going to get personal like so many others on this site. I just fail to see how you think that 3rd-party dev's are going to jump ship to the to the PS3 AFTER they already jumped to M$'s side. Maybe if the install base goes up...problem --> install base isn't going to go up without a miracle. Fact- NO ONE I know personally is even CONSIDERING buying a PS3. The only people even talking about PS3 are the loyalists online. Pretty much a dead console unless Killzone breathes new life into it. I'd be pretty worried if I owned a PS3.

This is one 360 owner who is sitting very comfortably, playing great games on XBL, and very happy with my investment.

EDIT @ d1ckface above, formerly known as kingofps3: Wow look how original, lets fall back on the "I hate xbox360 routine". Did you come up with any new material? Looks like no, you didn't. Don't waste my time, I was respectfully disagreeing with you and you had to turn it into something retarded. STFU.

Edit @ kingofps3: I really should have figured not to waste my time trying to have an actual intelligent communication with a PS3 fan. As usual, you revert to the same sh1t. Did I deny the ring of death anywhere? I didn't. BTW it looks to me like M$ is actually working on fixing the problem. What did Sony do after I bought my second PS2 and it started having disc read errors?

PSTripleOG4192d ago

It Begins.


The BS Police4192d ago

The reception for the Halo 3 Beta was positive, with over 800 million hours clocked on the Beta, glitches were found, problems were solved, and the fans are begging for more Halo 3.

Also, Halo 3 is not limited by technology , infact the only thing that limits developers is the developers themselves, they decide to add options or CGI scenes that in the end cause the limitations in the first place.

With Halo 3, Bungie planned ahead, they didn't set the bar to high, and now they are working on an amazing game that won't be limited by technology

iceice1234192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

If you honestly think for a second that Bungie is in anyway worried about killzone 2 you are mentally handicapped. Halo could sell millions just for having Halo in the title...Killzone 2 is going to have to be one HELL of a game to make up for the first, which it will fail to deliver, just like the first. Give up on Killzone 2, pray Sony creates a new FPS first party to try and down the king. Killzone 2 sure as hell never will.

dantesparda4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Im am no Sony hater, but not only will the game not live up to the E3 '05 showing, but it also wont live up to the hype. However, if it is impressive then i will be surprised. And speaking of hype. Get of Halo's nuts fella's, cuz that sh!t is way overhyped and that beta was "butt". And i beat both games and think that the 1st one was way better than the 2nd one. Even though part 2 had better graphics

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original seed4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

I cant wait to hear about this game.

kingofps3- Take it out your @ss. Why would bungie be scared? Halo3 will be a huge success. Its people like you that sealed Killzone 1 fate. Comparing it to Halo.

EDIT-King forget everything i said. you are a complete joke. From your EDITS i can see you have nothing to contribute to this site so i think i'll ignore you now.

Twostep18- I appreciate your mature comment but i think it will be bigger than both Halo1 and Halo2. The Beta was a huge success. If your complaining about the graphics then maybe you dont know that The graphics will always be better in Single player mode. However, with all that being said your credibility of NOT being a fanboy goes out the window with your AVATAR.

twostep184192d ago

ok dude im srry i do love halo and halo 2 to death but im srry halo 3 just isnt that impressive i mean im not sayin its gunna be a bad game cause its gunna be fun and addicting but its just not gunna match up to the success of halo 1 and 2 i dont think

i may be wrong but eh

Machety4192d ago

I think think that thy will have it that long so they can soften the spotlight off MS. Anyway, I really hope the game is ready for the world. If this game fails to exceed expectations, there will be a lot of people taking swings at Sony. I will buy a PS3 if this game shows well on the demo: nonetheless, i will buy one no matter what. Good luck Killzone.

TaylorB4192d ago

On the note of Halo, I'm really curious to see what direction Killzone's gameplay focus will go in. It's obvious that the big direction of Halo 3 is multiplayer, seeing as Halo 2 is one of the most popular online games for Xbox/360. Perhaps Killzone 2 will focus on Singleplayer? Or maybe they'll try and compete with Halo in multiplayer competitive play. It should be interesting to see.

Marceles4192d ago

"A time, date and a location during E3 and the Playstation logo. Obviously, this has got to be for Killzone PS3, but what is it?"

I think Killzone is the headline title, but I dont think it will be the whole 2 1/2 hours. But if it is and it lives up to the trailer, then I can't imagine the hype the PS3 will have afterwards.

nobizlikesnowbiz4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Thats IF it lives up to the trailer. Guerilla has been even more hush hush about what they're working on than Bungie. Means either two things...

1. They know they have pure gold on their hands and are just waiting to WoW the world.


2. Guerilla said f**k dev'ing for the PS3, let's spend the $20 mil on hash. The 2.5 hour presentation? A looped vid of the CG trailer from 2 yrs ago. << This would be funny to me.

But foreal, the only other reason they would be keeping hush hush is that they haven't really done anything AMAZING, like they promised they would. Therefore they're scared of the reaction they're going to get. Either Killzone 2 delivers, or PS3 is done before E3 is even over.

Sony's line-up looks straight up [email protected], other than Killzone or MGS4.

P.S.- If Killzone 2 really is an awesome game. Does this mean that every AAA title for the PS3 has to be fronted at least $10 mil, and given 2 years of exclusive developement? If you think about it that way, I doubt many dev's will dev for PS3.

MrSwede4192d ago

I agree. Too much time spent on one game. Is it just me who feels like peripherals, such as controllers, camera (Playstation eye)and so on, for the ps3/360/wii are going to be more important than games?

risk4192d ago

think of it like this. This is E3, where its either go big or go home. and its also like this; microsoft is holding a big confrence for halo and its 3 hours long what will you say? OMG HALO [email protected]! no, ud be very anxious and be awaiting any news that you will get during those 3 hours, maybe a new race or some new combat manuevers not a big halo fan, i played kz and it was ok, i played halo and i found it a massive killing spree. but i wont say it sucks total balls, both of these games cant compare to pc gaming.

Rybnik4192d ago

IF Killzone sucks Ballz, then why is the major upcoming European Developers conference highlighting the Killzone engine??

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