Konami "investigates" which PS3 games are possible on the Xbox360

In news that is sure to stir up rumors and make some fanboys angry whiles others rejoice, Konami is currently investigating which ps3 games that are possible on the xbox360


- Another Parasite Eve is in the works for an actual console.
- Sony's going to work close with Epic to make UE3 work better on the PS3.
- Kojima Productions is working on another PS3 exclusive.
- Sony will repackage the PS2 to compete with the Wii by including a waggle-wand (their wording, not mine) for $99 this holiday season.
- AC/DC will help promote Rock Band.
- Capcom working on a PS3 exclusive.

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Presidentjr4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

could it be.....? or this is just another rumor ? How are fans gonna take this ?

Firewire4194d ago

more xbot fanboy bullcrap! Yes!
for shame xbots for shame!

JsonHenry4194d ago

When they say "possible" they mean financially. Porting from one console to another AFTER development is costly.

Xi4194d ago

so it comes down to will they buy it, or is there enough fans.

MADGameR4194d ago

Parasite Eve 3 coming soon! I love Aya Brea! Can't wait! ^O^

Monchichi0254193d ago

You do all know that Metal Gear did come out on the original X-box right??? I'm sure of it because I'm looking at it in my videogame collection right now.
If they did it before, why would they not do it again when they will make a lot more money then what they would make on a PS3?!?

Common sense people, try it sometimes.

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ENNO4194d ago

why are they investigating silent hill 5 if it hasnt been announced on ps3 yet??

Machety4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

I agree that the 360 has more xclusives than the Ps3, but They aren't better than the ones that will be on the PS3. 360 has a lot of games but I really don't think the games it has are that much better than the ones that will be exclusive to the PS3. I show exactly why.

Gear of War is hot but WARHAWK looks way more FUN and has a lot MORE to OFFER.

Halo 3 is a cool online multiplayer, but HAZE(time xclusive), KILLZONE 2, WARHARK will raise the standard. By the way, I play the Beta with my friend, Halo 3 is only Halo 2 with 360 graphics if anyone beleives Gaylo 3 will be better than Warhawk, they should tell me why.

Xbox live is the best online service for a console, but HOME is the future. I want someone to disagree, but please tell me why. HOME is way more appealing to the user and The Achievements are in 3D. HOME is xclusive to the PS3.

360 has Viva Piniata while the PS3 have LITTLE BIG PLANET. Please tell me anything that 360 have that can compare to the LITTLE BIG PLANET.It don't matte how grown or young you are LITTLE BIG PLANET will occupy your time. Oh My God, Can anybody say " USER CREATED CONTENT".

Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon cannot compare to FINAL FANTASY XIII, FINAL FANTASY versus XIII, WHITE KNIGHT STORY OR KINGDOM HEARTS 3. Please Xbots disagree, but please don't forget to tell me why.

Ok let not forget LAIR, GOD OF WAR 3, MSG 4, HEAVENLY SWORD, MOTORSTORM, RACHET AND CLANK. I will not be surprised if someone tries to prove me wrong, I want to be a lawyer when I get older, so I would to start practicing; therefore, if anyone disagrees let me know and why.

Last but not least, we all know that the PS3 is a better quality HARDWARE. In the future, we all will see how the PS3 will take over, and I really cant believe how anyone thinks that Sony is just going to let the PS3 die. If yall haven't notice the PS2 is still the king of the gaming market.

Lets not talk about the Wii, Just like Borat says " everybody knows the Wii is for girls" lol, but if you own a PS3 or 360 its ok to get a Wii.

How can people disagree with me? I really do no understand that people disagre without telling me why.

MADGameR4193d ago

IT has'nt been announced for the 360!

Odion4194d ago

could this be the biggest upset in E3 history!

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kingofps34194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

Yup, like Konami Corporation would discuss their internal strategies with Gamers-Creed.


Hello!! Mods, ban this fake @ss Bi11 Gates from N4G.

Nicosia4194d ago

its the scanned stuff that has been popping up:

also in the paper it says that FF won't be coming out untill 2008. But if ya ask me... it hasn't been translatend that good yet so.

ShiftyLookingCow4194d ago

"Hello!! Mods, ban this fake @ss Bi11 Gates from N4G."

wow thats fcking ironical, so "Bill Gates" is real and not fake huh