Daily Joystick: BioShock 2 Review

Boosty from Dailyjoystick writes: "BioShock 1 was indeed a masterpiece and in many people's eyes was Game of The Year for 2007. Compared to other games at the time whose focus was on Multiplayer, BioShock delivered one of the best single player experiences money could buy. The amazing theme of Rapture, coupled with brilliant visuals and subliminal story telling techniques made it an instant hit. BioShock's use of plasmids as opposed to pure mechanical weapons gave it an edge and opened up a new way of playing the standard shooter style game".

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DaGamingKing3018d ago

Great review, I look forward to your opinion on the Multiplayer!

Games_R_Us3018d ago

I would like to know if you prefer Bio 1 over Bio 2. Your review is good, however I want a definitive answer.

Everyones telling me to play Bio shock 1.