Lumines PSP up 13,166% on Amazon sales rank from 796 to 6th!

Can anyone help MaxConsole piece this together? Lumines on the PSP has risen from a sales rank of 796 a short while ago to number 6 just now and is up a massive 13,166% in terms of sales. Oh wait, maybe Noobz' PSP universal firmware exploit has something to do with it...

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Diselage4194d ago

Well thats weird, i wonder why that is;)

warfed4194d ago

everyone wants to get a copy before they patch it like GTA liberty city stories

pwnsause4194d ago

wait the game had a firmware Exploit like GTA:LCS?

MK_Red4194d ago

Wow, if they find other exploits for more and other games, maybe PSP sales will grow much more! j/k. Its a really huge jump, from 796 to 6!??

Chibs4194d ago

Good stuff :) as long as the developer gets some money from a decent game ;)

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