Sony E3 Line Up Revealed

E3 was, at one point, the largest gaming expo in North America. Now it looks like it will be downsizing, but Sony still has a huge presence this year. Sony presence seems to dominate based on this lateds information.

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Presidentjr4187d ago

Killzone, Killzone, anyone think the game is going to meet the the original trailer ?

I for one think is possible based on what COD4 and other games such as Dark sector are doing.

cartman3134187d ago

I really hope it does. With the amount of developers and money put into making it, I'm sure it will be impressive. I won't hold my breath though.

Douche4187d ago

"Killzone will own E3!" - Quoted from the Word of God...along with the whole PS3 nation.

The True Gamer4187d ago

Sorry Talyboy, your not GOD, and your never will be.

Douche4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Where in my comment did I mention I am God???...God himself said those words and I am just quoting him lol...btw man, if you can't find your sense of humor could you at least find a dictionary so your cheap insults are spelled out right - "your never will be." lmao

The True Gamer4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

It is called a typing error you idiot. I do have a sense of humor,fyi. You need to show some respect little boy and stop using God's name in vain. It's nothing funny about it.

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Bill Gates4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

wow! That's a lot of games.

Sh1t my heart just sank. I don't see GT 5 on that list..There is no longer a reason to live......NAT!

neogeo4187d ago

I'm going to put all my chips on Killzone.

Odion4187d ago

correction thats a lot of multiplatform games, the only PS3 games on there are Sony's

Armyless4187d ago

Your Sony griping is stale. Stick to the threads you ENJOY. Unless you enjoy bashing...

Arkham4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Yeah, that's really unfortunate because whenever I put in a third-party game it refuses to play. Very odd how that happens. <rolleyes>

Stop trolling.

EDIT: BS3: It's still a troll comment. Games are games, there's no need to minimize things just because the selection isn't 100% exclusive.

WIIIS14187d ago

When did describing something more accurately become trolling?

PSTripleOG4187d ago

Eight Days.... WHERE THE HELL IS IT?? Anybody???? Anybody at all know where it is???

Douche4187d ago

They'll be showing Eight Days at E3. That, Killzone, and MGS4 are the games I have high hopes for. There are many others but those, by far, are gonna put the PS3 on top of the charts.

Presidentjr4187d ago

i heard it got cancelled, can anyone confirm this ?

Rybnik4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

NO, of course it isn't cancelled! It is one one of Sony's games which have been showcased at both E3's 2005 it was a gas station tech demo, 2006 was the first trailer. This time I'm guessing that it should be playable, if not, at least a trailer? I know the game itself has been pushed into '08, but I still think we will see it...

Douche4187d ago

I'll second the "possibility" that Killzone for PS3 will own E3. What would be pretty cool is if they showed the original trailer again at E3 to remind everyone of how amazing it was. And then, oddly show it another time but have the soldier do something completely different while a HUD display comes on and a man with a sixaxis controller walks out on the stage to reveal himself playing it. A little over the top but the presentation will have to be insane in order to meet the hype over this game.

BIadestarX4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

You have a great imagination. You already thought about how Sony is going to do it and all.

EDIT -> What did I say? I gave the kid a complement and I get 3 disagree? I was not talking about specifics... but how he built an excenario and script in his mind... it's more like a complement.
Seriously... you Sony fanboys... think people are attacking Sony even when people are not even thinking about doing so.

Rybnik4187d ago

Blade, Killzone is definitely there for a reason, and I can only imagine it is because it will be impressive. Developers don't showcase their engines and "how they accomplish all their technical feats" for nothin

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