Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ not coming to North America and Europe

Mike from KHN has taken his time to visit the support section of Square Enix's North American website. He asked several Kingdom Hearts related questions and received the following answers:

"He told me that it was not coming out to North America or Europe. He also stated that all Final Mix games are just for Japan. It's very possible to have them here, but it may be years. So, now I'm slamming EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) rumors of a fall release for Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+. On top of that, he also told me that there are no KH projects confirmed, yet. Which means that a sequel is not going to be confirmed at least until TGS (Tokyo Game Show)."

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PS360WII4188d ago

They do this all the time. First release said game to Japan. Then revise add a something or two then release for US/Europe. Then add even more stuff in addition to the goodies from the US/Europe version and re-release in Japan. This has been happening since NES days I'm sure.

BranWheatKillah4188d ago

I guess I just don't understand the logic behind this. The Kingdom Hearts series has proven to be a big seller in the US. Why not spend the thousands needed to translate it when it is guaranteed to be a success and make them money? I swear, it is like Square is trying its best to ignore its fans and piss off the global community.

Azurite4188d ago

But like movies getting new mediums (VHS -> Laserdisc -> DVD - > HD-DVD/Blu-ray) there will remakes of games too, we'll just have to wait... and since it's Square-Enix the possibility is slightly larger than usual :)

ItsAsinghTing4188d ago

LOL doesn't surprise me wat so ever, thats just typical Japs thinking inside the box rather than outside the box.

myself personally not a fan of Kingdom hearts but i know it is one of the most successful games in US and Europe.

if the japs stopped thinking of themselves and giving themselves limtied edition this and limited edition that, and started thinking outside of their little box and realised that fans of this sort series would love to get their hands on it and also make a nice tidy profit going globally with these so called final mix and limited edition games.

also expect international edition.s of FF13 and versus all the other final fantasy titles and don't expect them to reach US or europe.

Babylonian4188d ago

I wanted this game to come. You can bring us sh!tty ports but you can't bring over this game? Thank you Square-Enix, now get back and make XIII a really good game you bastards.