Modding Manhunt 2 could cost $1 Million

Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter believes that modifying Manhunt 2 so it would receive a lower rating (or at least get a rating in the UK) could cost Take-Two anywhere in the region of $1 million.

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fury4109d ago

I'd be soo glad if this would be leaked and uploaded to the WWW. Want to play the uncut, unmodified version of this game ;(

Asylumchild4109d ago

I think this is complete BS makeing a game M and AO is only 1 year difference u have morals when ur 17 and the same morals when you 18!

MK_Red4109d ago

While it could cost Take Two 1 million bucks to mod Manhunt2. It would cost us a true great game that will be butchered and will bring REAL CENSOR to gaming.

Azurite4109d ago

Mere pocket change for the big boys.

Eldon34109d ago

This is just turning into a sad sad story of Censorship.

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