Videogames keep kids from going outside

According to a report in the American San Jose Mercury News, American kids aren't venturing outside enough, partly due to videogames.

So an article on the newspaper's website states, between 1997 and 2002 there was a 50 per cent drop in the proportion of 9-12 year olds who went outside to play, while time spent playing games, along with sleeping, studying and reading all went up. Indeed, so the article also states, children now spend 6.5 hours a day in front of a TV, playing games or consuming other forms of media.

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sumfood4u4193d ago

But when the kids get bad grades, or high electric bill, please believe they're going outside! I think going outside daily an playing/excising shouldn't hurt them!

Premonition4193d ago

When kids watch the movie final destination, there going to be glad they stay inside, its scary world out there :( lol

closedxxx4193d ago

I just commented yesterday to my buddy that "It's really nice outside, I kinda feel like I should be out there, but I just can't put down FORZA 2!"

donscrillinger4193d ago

they do keep you in but they also forgot one thing. the police keeps people in to .

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