What Microsfot Can Do To Improve Xbox Live

Live has been the top of online console provider since the beginning of the last generation of console wars. Now that Nintendo and Sony are starting to catch up with free online components such as Home, Sony Network, and Virtual Console. Now that Live's next few steps to become genuine will be trailed it is up to them to pick a hardworking track that's difficult to follow.

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Diselage4188d ago

Some good points, I'm really wondering why there isn't clan support. While i'm not a big fan of clans it would be nice to have a secondary friends list for certain games which i'm sure is what this will boil down to.

eques judicii4188d ago

Microsoft has a horrible typo in it... c'mon guys, lets at least keep the titles error-free.

Diselage4187d ago

The admin approved it before i could fix it, sorry.

Bill Gates4188d ago

Make it just like the PSN...hahahaha

CG4188d ago

Microsoft would have to seriously DOWNGRADE and get rid off many many features & content from xboxlive if they want to match the PSN????

DrRage774187d ago

PSN copies all the features that microsoft has in xboxlive, so let's not start making dumb fact, last week there was an articel about PSN and the Sony exec stated specifically that xboxlive has a lot of great features that Sony is going to copy into their network...

VirusE4188d ago

Make it free and it would be perfect in my eyes.

rusgreim4188d ago

... free games, free broadband, free food, and a free car.

Its called capitalism assface, its well worth the $50.

fury4187d ago

It's called RIP-OFF you

closedxxx4187d ago

$600 for a console- YEZ TEH PS3 RAWKS... B35T CONSOL3 3V3R!!!

$50 for the premium online console service= my vagina hurts and now I'm poor

SaturnTo4187d ago

Yeah they don't need to charge for it, I should be able to play Gears online for free and not pay for X-box live Yearly to do it. This is where Microsoft Fails online, if Sony can do it so can Microsoft.

DrRage774187d ago

the reaosn PSN is free is because it is NOT a better service....think about this..

with xboxlive, all you need is 2 people that want to play the same game to be able to play online, no matter how old the game is. PSN has dedicated servers which menas that once a game is no longer popular and drops below a certain amount of games played online per week, they will DROP the dedicated server support for that game. do you honestly think it is better to have a free network where game support DROPS after a few years for games, or would you rather pay $50 so that you can play ANY GAME ANY TIME that you want????? it's not even close. xboxlive will ALWAYS be better unless sony decides toput money into their service, copy the peer-to-peer aspect of xboxlive, and still offer it for free...

Sexius Maximus4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Maybe the average 12 year old can't afford 96 cents a week, but as an adult, I don't mind paying that huge sum for a much better online experience.

Black Republican4187d ago

those are some good points.
i had no idea the psn was like that, that is crap
lol now that i know that, it will make me laugh even more when ps3 fanbosy say the psn is better

Keyser4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

DrRage77 and Black Republican...if no one is playing the game online, what is the point of having a server for it? That's not good business.

Plus, Live is peer to peer and why you see so much lag. With Sony you get a dedicated server so you rarely ever see lag.

Think, if Sony has a game like say Halo 2 where people are still playing it in droves then the server would never go down...and it would be FREE!

I guess to each his own. I'd like it to be free. Like so many other things in life. I have a gold account with MS currently and it's okay but I only use it to play games on and not to download all that other stuff. I was playing Halo for free on Xbox connect, it would be nice to be free again since fundamentally I'm doin the same exact thing. That and I can download movies and play multiplayer (no lag) on my PS3 for free.

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toughNAME4187d ago

id like more customization....for things like your display pic on ur gamercard

also...when you press the guide button the dash shud come up quicker than it does (playin gears, instead of pressing back button i hit the guide) its only like 0.5 seconds of loading...but verryyy annoying

stupid idea...MS jus cant get enoguh of our money

Overall, in comparison to other online console services, I am VERY impressed and satisfied with LIVE

Silver3604187d ago

Are their way of avoiding charging taxes for every transaction. If they used cash the would have to do taxes for every country they are in. So you buy a set number of points and they charge the tax upfront and they don't have to track the taxes for every download. Which would be more expensive.

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