Square Enix Sacrificing Originals for Spin-Offs, Ports and Remakes

Boy, Square Enix sure likes makin' them Final Fantasy games. But, creating totally original ones is so hard! With fans snapping up whatever has the Good Housing Final Fantasy Seal of Approval, no wonder Square Enix keeps churning out remakes, spin-offs and ports. Easy money! After seeing yet another "Are FF spin-offs bad?" thread on a forum, reader Sandy made the above table that compares main series FF games to spin-offs, remakes and ports.

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Babylonian4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

If they would make a good remake cough*FF VII*cough then I would not mind at all. But intead of that they come with old sh!tty ports and remakes of FF I, II, III and those other old FF games under VII. Come on Square, I have these games on ROM. Give us something good.

I played VI, and it's pretty good. But VII was better in story, music and characters. VI had too much characters, but not as much as IV (man that game was good at the beginning but got looney at the end). Anyway, IF they remade VI in 3D and all than that would be something good, but VII is what most people want. So it would be better if they first did a true remake of VII.

ItsDubC4193d ago

Wouldn't it make more sense to remake older games because the console that they originally appeared on had much lower specs? A remake of FFVI (FFIII in the US) for the SNES would show a greater jump in technology than a remake of FFVII for the PS1. Plus, most ppl who played FFs before FFVII know that FFVI had a better story, better character development, a better musical score, and more fluid gameplay.

MK_Red4193d ago

The table shows that number of spin-offs/ports mixed with remakes each is 5 times more than originals! (So out of every 10 Square games, only 1 is original!)

Diselage4193d ago

Thats not a very good average for any game company.

midgard2294193d ago

and for the spin offs, those r fine, i mean if spin offs were bad, wouldnt nintendo be dead??? them and their million mario parties, mario cart, mario strikers, mario ddr, mario baseball, smash bros, ect???\

tho the only ff spin offs im lookin forward too are crisis core and Dissidia

PS360WII4193d ago

Well the original IP's take a long time for them to make and they still need money to fund those projects.
I've know about It's a Wonderful World (DS) for a good long time now and they have yet to announce anything new about it. FFXIII is taking a slew of time and who knows how long they were actually working on Last Remenat.
I'm actually looking forward to FFXII(DS) for the extended story and the gameplay. FFIII was nice because it was a full remake and wasn't released in the US. I am getting sick of all the FF 1 & 2 remakes because I think they have probably 5 different versions of each. The researchers didn't even count Kingdom Hearts as an original IP!
Does Square Enix like the remakes? Sure but it's to fund the originals that we so want.
Plus FFIV is one of my favs and to get the full 3d make over like they did with III is all the better in my book. I guess you could call me blind when it comes to these sort of games (rpgs that is)

ItsDubC4193d ago

The upcoming FFIV remake is the main reason I now own a DS. So in my case, SquEnix has also managed to sell a console w/ their remakes/ports/spin-offs.

sumfood4u4193d ago

FINAL FANTASY SPINOFFS I kinda like Chocobo Racing, Chocobo Dungeon, Final Fantasy Tactics ect,ect. I like how SE isn't scared to bring something new to the table!

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