210° Real ID Sighted?

Blizzard is working hard on their forums, who up until now have been open to anyone with a product key to one of their games.

This might change now, with the arrival of Real ID's on the boards.

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Recka2898d ago

OOH Might see a WoW patch soon to change the friends list to reflect real IDs ;)

Leord2898d ago

Yeah, people logging in with Real IDs rather than wow accs. Then ON TO WoW rather than just straight in.

Cogo2898d ago

As long as this doesn't make the login procedure awkward...

Leord2898d ago

That's the only thing I'm worried about as well...

kerriganss2898d ago

Hmmmm... seems... alright i guess?

Leord2898d ago

On I agree. Not sure about WoW. Nice to log straight in!

Cogo2898d ago

Not too bothered about wow :P

Dorjan2898d ago

how on earth did they find that forum!?

Cogo2898d ago

Enough hardcore fans of any franchise makes that easy ;)

Cogo2898d ago

The Polish forums have been up for several days, actually.

Donno if it's extended testing or perhaps Blizz's way to build hype.

JonahNL2898d ago

Ah, I'm really looking forward to seeing the Real ID system in action. It's pretty awesome to be able to chat with someone playing a different game.

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