Games don't matter anymore for PS3 to succeed?

Currently running a distant third in sales to the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, is it possible Sony is batting out of their league in this generation of console wars? Time to shift emphasis away from games?

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Torch4189d ago

Granted that the author has already grimly decided the fate of the PS3 (that it should be limited to a Blu-Ray player/multimedia center), he also fails to recognize Sony's biggest and most significant potential market:

The many, many consumers who are holding back on purchasing a PS3 until the inevitable release of blockbuster titles.

What's that famous quote from that movie?...Oh yeah:

"If you release it, they will come."

closedxxx4189d ago

People are holding out for the AAA "killer app" titles.
I'm guessing a lot of folks are also waiting for a price cut AND the end to this "Format War".
Hopefully HD-DVD just quits so we can all move forward with our nerdy lives.
If/when Blu Ray becomes the standard Hi Def movie format, many many more people will pick up a PS3 in that "2 for 1" mentality.

ericnellie4189d ago

When the good games come - people will buy it! When any of us makes a huge purchase like the PS3, we want the justification that we made a good choice and having great games will definately do it. Also, a lot of my friends want a PS3 but simply won't pay or can't afford that amount of money for a system that doens't have enough AAA titles. For me, just having it as a Blue Ray player during the game drought is enough for me to hold out a little while longer. With the high price point though, it'll be really hard for Sony to appeal to the masses...not because of it's lack of software our the complex technology but, because it's really expensive;) The hard thing is...if Sony drops the price, so will M$.

Wargasm4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

shouldn't be posted so much on n4g. The author uses "I" this or "I" that all through the article.

"Granted that the author has already grimly decided the fate of the PS3 "
--gotta agree with you there torch

It's empty speculation, and opinions like this are really no more valid than the opinion's of people commenting on this post.... just because something is written up in article form doesn't make it true.

MADGameR4188d ago

The 360 can have all of PS3s exclusives and the PS3 will STILL win! No offense to 360 fans.

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TruthHurts4189d ago

"is it possible Sony is batting out of their league in this generation of console wars? Time to shift emphasis away from games?"

man he`ll feel stupid for saying that soon.

out of their league.
people said the same thing when Sony came out against Nintendo.
some people never learn.

ASSASSYN 36o4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

"is it possible Sony is batting out of their league in this generation of console wars? Time to shift emphasis away from games?"

Since, when did sony place an emphasis on games?

TruthHurts4189d ago

360 wouldn`t have this good line up you guys all talk about.

DMC4.GTA4.AC6 just to name a few.

face the facts, Sony gave you their crumbs and you guys ate it up.

Sony gets great NEW (hear that word NEW) Ips. they will do the same this gen have fun w/ the games i don`t play anymore.

4189d ago
PS360WII4189d ago

While I'll admit the PS3 is not getting the sales one expected this is hardly the case to call it quits now. The PS3 will sell and will continue to be supported. It's just a dream to think that the Playstation name will die for this one console. I think in the end of this gen or maybe in 3 years it'll have a nice unit instal base but it'll be looked at like the PSP. While it sold and does alright for the company it will be always looked upon as a failure. Yet in the end I really don't believe the PS3 is the end of the line there will be a PS4 (if they call it that... silly number system)

Violater4189d ago

can we have this conversation say... next year this time when games have been released?

PS360WII4189d ago

I agree Violater. This is way to early to call the ships in

M1am1U4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

since there are quite a few promising AAA titles on the horizon. But at what point do people that are on the fence about which console to buy get tired of waiting? March '08 is quite a while to expect people to wait when launch was November '06. It just seems like the average casual gamer would give in and go with either the Wii or the 360 by that point.

PS3n3604189d ago

you guys are calling bluray victor this early why shouldnt we call PS3 in the gaming realm a failure this early. Make up your minds is it too early or not. HDDVD is performing about the same as PS3 in relative terms which isnt very well. If it aint over for PS3 then it aint over for HDDVD. I dont care either way I am just laughing at the dual logic used by people in here.

Keyser4188d ago can't compare the PS3 and HDDVD because the PS# 120million+ people who own the PS2 while there is absolutely no brand loyalty to HDDVD.

The PS3 also has more support than HDDVD.

The PS3 has a great lineup of titles coming in a couple of months that many are anticipating while HDDVD doesn't.

It's truly and apples vs. oranges comparison.

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SIX4189d ago

I hope that was sarcasm, because let me say if it wasn't for Sony placing an emphasis on games, you would have your Xbox.

DixieNormS4189d ago

the PS3 not having emphasis on games but Blu ray instead. PS1 and PS2 had a great emphasis on games and that is why we have our Xbox. So check your self before you wreck yourself.

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