Joypad gives a Heavy Rain's review

Excerpt: "Heavy Rain is a game that ask what is your position. To accept what it is in its approach, is to endorse the idea that the game can be something other than what it is today. Joypad is recognized in this approach, others do not. It is their right. But while video games still chasing artistic recognition, it seems surreal, if not irresponsible, not to support such initiative."

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Cyrax_872984d ago

True that, the last 5 or so reviews I've seen have all been 9-10.

FishCake9T42984d ago

Really good review, Perfect score FTW.

JTX2984d ago

Yet another perfect score. Only one more week. Heavy Rain FTW.

Daver2984d ago

Well said. Its gonna be awesome and different!