Top 25 Most Popular Video Game Sites June 2007

When it comes to video game sites, eBizMBA has found that many casual gamers regard the sites they happen to frequent as gospel, and therefore feel they have little to no use for other sites. However, as the truly elite gamers know many sites publish unique information that you just cannot find duplicated elsewhere. Therefore, to be truly informed you need to be armed with as many informative sites as you can.

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TnS4193d ago

I guess most of the stories from these sites are submitted to N4G. :)

Dusty4193d ago

That list is not very accurate. I know for a fact that N4G has more traffic than many of the sites on that list ;)

OutLaw4193d ago

I feel N4G should have been in one of the top ten.

Diselage4193d ago

They may of not considered us since they may just view us like digg and digg gaming isn't on there so perhaps thats why.

Just look at the "sitemeter" at the bottom to see how we would rate.

nicodemus4193d ago

It looks like they only included sites that post their own articles, otherwise, I'm sure n4g would've been near the top. After all, this is the best site on the net for videogame news, with the absolute broadest coverage of whatever you're looking for. I used to go to ign quite a bit (never really liked gamespot), but it was never as often as I now come here. It's absolutely religous how often I visit n4g...

MikeIsOnFire844193d ago is not on that list and it should

digitalprince424193d ago

Destructoid is on the list at #20!

MikeIsOnFire844193d ago

didnt even see that,thanks.Still though,Destructoid should be number one!!!!


BubblesDAVERAGE4193d ago

Is okay..I like it more then anyother site then the bubble system

SBA..Sony Bubble Alliance COMMING SOON

Charlie26884193d ago

WOW that is a HELL of a revival for I was one of the first to sign when it was first created and it was VERY light now it pretty huge O.O

Wonder if my mail is still active >.>

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