Yahoo: Heavy Rain Review

Early reviews of Heavy Rain have been glowing, most celebrating the style and maturity of a unique experience among so much predictable software. But the first thing you need to realise about Heavy Rain is that it isn't typical action fare. You do not have control of characters in the same way as Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Modern Warfare 2, etc. Instead you make timely responses to prompts flashed on screen, and the narrative continues based on ability to react accurately and / or at speed.

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red2tango2957d ago

Great Score. Great Game.

umair_s512957d ago

The actual score is 2/5. Poor editing.

red2tango2957d ago

Hmmmm. Why did it say 5/5 then? I guess Yahoo didn't enjoy it. I wouldn't say that they're really biased, since they gave Uncharted 2 a good score, but maybe they just weren't open to the game's mechanics.

LordMarius2957d ago

Thanks to midterms I wont be able to play this soon, till March

abc12332957d ago

yeah, the score was 2/5.

a generally negative review from microsoft-owned yahoo. surprise surprise XD