F-Zero X, Street Fighter II Turbo, and China Warrior Added to the Virtual Console"Nintendo has just announced that F-Zero X (N64, 1000 points), Street Fighter 2 Turbo (SNES, 800 points), and China Warrior (TG16, 600 points) will be added to the Wii Shop Channel at 12 noon EST..."

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wasted4192d ago

i'm fed up with lazy ass old games being released and charging again. its utter BS.

MikeIsOnFire844192d ago

I poop on these titles from an upper deck.Gimmie the goods Nintendo,gimmie the goods!

eepiccolo4192d ago

wasted and MikeIsOnFire84, stop trolling.

F-Zero X and SFII Turbo are both great games! It is a bit ironic, though, for anybody who downloaded the original SFII, which was released already.

That China Warrior game is a piece of crud, though...

VirusE4192d ago

I bought my turbo grafix for china warrior! Wow was I let down, fortunately I got splatter house not long after getting the system.

commadore654191d ago

Amazing game, Glad they finally got this released. I already have 2 copies for the snes though.

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