New trademark prompts thought of Eternal Darkness for Wii

Nintendo was on a Gamecube Wii-make spree last year with their slate of New Play Control games. Things have since slowed down, but maybe Eternal Darkness will get a second chance on the market.

The rights to the term Eternal Darkness lapsed, but Nintendo re-registered the game's name in North America on February 10, 2010. This may be Nintendo simply protecting the term or perhaps Eternal Darkness is about to make a comeback either in sequel form or as a New Play Control Wii-make.

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dgroundwater2957d ago

I can dig it. I never played it and would love a Wiimake.

hatchimatchi2957d ago

eternal darkness is so awesome, it's not real scary but the game really does mess with you. There were so many times where the game literally had me disoriented as to what was happening during gameplay and what wasn't actually happening.

I don't know if that makes sense but I don't wanna go into great detail in case you ever get to play it.

YoungKingDoran2957d ago

haha yeah... the part where the volume level bar pops up on the tv, and starts going down, and the sounds starts getting softer until its silent, and you check to see if you're sitting on the remote... good times

Tony P2957d ago

While I wouldn't really love to see a sequel (since the story is wholly complete) I'd like to at least see something in the same universe.

And I'd like to see it on more than a Wii, but no dice. Also looking back, I wish Nintendo hadn't patented the sanity meter thing if they weren't going to ever use it but for a single game. Kind of a waste of a good feature.

Seekerofthewind2957d ago

Maybe? It'd be an interesting concept to base the sanity meter on one's pulse.

jalen2472957d ago

Eternal Darkness would work really well with the vitality sensor.

jalen2472957d ago

Eternal Darkness is a classic everyone should have in their collection.

Shnazzyone2957d ago

But... seriously i doubt it.