Syphon Filter PSP is PS2-bound

Dark Mirror porting its way to PS2 this September, with new PSP game following in October. Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed plans to bring it's previously PSP exclusive Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror to PS2 this September.

The news adds more fuel to Sony's cries, asking developers to make more creative titles on PSP, and not just PS2 ports you can play on the train. Which Dark Mirror turned out to be, by the looks of it.

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MK_Red4192d ago

They are really hurting PSP by releasing its best titles for PS2. Soon Loco Roco and Daxter will follow I guess.

ItsDubC4192d ago

If Sony wants devs to make more creative titles for the PSP instead of just PS2 ports, they shouldn't have designed the PSP to be a handheld version of a home console in the first place.

kewlkat0074192d ago

does that mean this game is really "Not Exclusive?"

I agree now the PS3 is getting PSP games, what the dilly yo?