New releases for week ending June 29

GamerSquad has been hammering on for weeks (or is that months?) about the lack of next-gen titles on the market while Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo incessantly harp on about the appeal of their respective consoles.

Well, it might yet become but a brief respite from the banal summer offerings that have largely come our way as of late, but this week sees a solid 12 next-gen releases pencilled in for arrival by Friday in North America.

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Diselage4162d ago

The Darkness should be fantastic, to bad it's only SP. I'll probably just end up renting it but oh well it still be great a couple times through i'm sure.

MK_Red4162d ago

Darkness IS NOT only SP. It has multiplayer and its awesome. Checkout the GameTrailers MP gameplay vid.

FCOLitsjustagame4162d ago

This is the week that starts the trickle before the flood.
The Darkness

Then we have to wait a little longer for the football games and then just a little longer for the deluge to hit. I so cant freaking wait.

hikikimori4162d ago

Do you think The Darkness will be worth getting for Ps3? I really loved Riddick and I think this looks good too. But if the ps3 version is 'crappy',maybe I should get it for my PC?
I just hope its at least equal to the 360/ PC version. I don't want to deal with frame rate hiccups etc of a crappy port.
I just want to play it in the front room on the big TV with my fat speakers!

1337 gamer4162d ago

that list says that Eye of Judgement for the ps3 is released june 29 in europe and the pseye is not even released :S how could that be true ?

Havince4162d ago

all out in Uk friday, lucky i have games to trade in as i want all 3 lol

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