NY Times: Movies More Violent Than Manhunt 2

New York Times writer Seth Schiesel has written a piece for the paper's online edition arguing that the violence in Manhunt 2 is not nearly as intense as that found in leading modern horror movies.

He articulates a commonly felt sentiment echoing through the gamer community: there are (incorrectly) different standards applied to game ratings.

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Blasphemy4192d ago

I have to agree with this and I have been saying this all along. I don't know how people like Jack Thompson can blame anything that happens in video games when you have movies like Friday the 13th, House of 100 corpses, Saw, The Hills have Eyes, Amercian Psycho etc etc... These movies are basically just about rogue people going around killing people for absouletly nothing. See it in movies is way more intense then seeing it in a game although I think kids should not even be allowed to play these games anyway. Like many have said whats the point of having a rating system for video games if a game is too vilolent it just gets banned anyway.

techie4192d ago

COrrect. I shall merely quote myself:

"I agree...the industry is damaged. It doesn't get the same allowances as other industries, such as the film is destined to be seen as a lower form, a joke among proffessionals, the little kid of artistic creation. Shame really."

BubblesDAVERAGE4192d ago

Soon as this game comes out I will be getting it..just because they dont want me to have it

Nicosia4192d ago

I'm just gonna say it: People fail as parents, they just blame anything they can.If your kid is on the pc or console all day...then you have failed as a parent. THis also says you have no intrest in your kid, just when the sh*t hits the fan.. your going to care.

They should instead of flaming the gameworld/movie business, they should create a campain '' GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOUR CHILD''.

ShiftyLookingCow4192d ago

yeah exactly people have gotten more selfish. They dont give a damn about children. Just look at the boomers

progx4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

its called parenting, try it sometime. Im sure most of our parents/grandparents know what that is lol. *eat backhand!*

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