Sega, Namco-Bandai and Capcom shifting their focus to Wii and DS

It's no secret as to why developers are in the games business. They like to make money like everyone else, so one can't really be surprised to hear that following marginal profits of ventures for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable, that Sega, Bandai-Namco and Capcom are all shifting their focus to the Wii and DS systems.

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TheMART4110d ago

"While they will still be making games for other systems, this attention can only be good news for DS and Wii owners. The XBOX 360 will continue on as it always has, but this decision really puts the hurt on Sony."

Well that sounds interesting. The 360 will get its part still and I bet games like Lost Planet, Dead Rising and its sequels are secured as 3rd party exclusives this way for the 360

Loudninja4110d ago

You relaly think this is news? If it were that big it owuld have been on a more reliable site, how mcuh can they pull out of the Wii?This article is BS, this contradict , what Sega siad last week, and Namco support is stil strong as ever

ITR4110d ago

Loudninja: You do realize T6 and TC4 are in the arcades? What your getting in TC4 has been out in the arcades for like 6 months now or more. I beat the game with $10 of tokens...which is way less then what the TC4 w/guncon costs. I just don't see the point unless your going for a high score.

sajj3164110d ago

Profit prostitutes ... industry progression is not their concern. I guess from a business point of view, they are making the right call. At least for another 2 years.

BIadestarX4110d ago

@sajj316, sure... "Profit prostitutes" you make it sound as if it's bad for companies to make money on entertainment... we are not talking about saving kids from hunger... etc... we are talking about something that it's concidered a luxury.

You expect companies to simply to spend millions knowing that they may not be able to make it back and that their investors will be happy dropping money on pockets with holes...

The PS3 does not have a large enough installbase for many developers to make a profit...

" At least for another 2 years." you may be right... but not everyone is like you... not everyone will wait 2 years for the PS3 to have games because developers are standing by for the PS3 installbase to grow... Many of you fail to undestand that the game market works in balance... Developers make games and people buy the consoles to play those games... if people don't buy the consoles then developers don't make games and if people don't buy the console then developers don't make the games... get it?

So, the two year thing you are talking about... may not work... because as you may be aware.... the PS3 is not selling due to the lack of games... what make you think that PS3 will be ok.. without minimun developer support after 2 years...

I think most of you believe that Sony can do it alone with their 1st party games... But name one console that succeeded only with their first party library? 3rd party game developers are needed as much as the 1st party developer for variety.

ItsDubC4110d ago

Are you implying that it's not industry progression because their primary focus is on profitability, or because they've chosen to shift development resources to consoles which you deem technologically inferior?

Loudninja4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

double amount of Wii/DS titles, still games for PS3, mostly big projects, expected to be hits.

As you can see from above, this isnon news, this is what they been doing .More FUD