Mafia Wars Bangkok: The Newest Mafia Wars Expansion

Lucinda Waltrous writes: "The long awaited Mafia Wars Bangkok Expansion has officially launched. Let's take a closer look at what's going on with the expansion city.

Much like Moscow, there are two different sides to choose from. The side you choose controls the story, the jobs, and the loot. This time, you are choosing between the Japanese Yazuka and the Chinese Triads. The story is that these two groups have been battling over the Thailand territory and you will have to choose which side you want to help to be successful in this area of the game. The choice will be made twice per episode for all four mastery levels."

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Glamis3228d ago

Mafia Wars is one of the few Facebook games that actually seems to have some real game design behind it.

Great guide!

gonzodamus3228d ago

Oh man, that means even more notifications on my facebook page, doesn't it? Though I have to admit, I've been playing D&D mini adventures, so I may have to give it a go.

jpymai3228d ago

Hmm, I've always shied away from Mafia Wars because of its excessive notifications, but I might give it a second look. Good read, good guide, thanks.

Galaga Master3228d ago

This article makes me want to lean closer to playing mafia wars, but like jpymai, the excessive updates keep me away.

Megaton3228d ago

I actually started playing Mafia Wars a couple weeks ago. It's really not bad, for what it is. Uses practically no resources, which I like. Doesn't crank my CPU to 100% like Zynga's heavy flash games.

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