Video games blamed for teens shooting at police pursuers

Violent car racing video games are suspected to have influenced two 14-year-old boys who shot at police with a high-caliber rifle during a dramatic chase near Tauranga.

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Close_Second4189d ago

Basically the police officer passed a comment on what 'he' believed caused the teenagers to do what they had. How is that gaming news. Now if the teens had expressed that they got the idea from a game then thats a different story - but as it stands, looks like anything will get approved on this site.

scarlett_rg4189d ago

If I see another article about RL violence being a result of video games, I'm going to bust a nut!

The officer says "they don't come up with these things on their own". Ummm ya... because it's not like these kids don't see stuff like this on the daily news, or in movies, or on any TV show!... it's ALL because of video games!

Give it a rest already!

nobizlikesnowbiz4189d ago

Pretty stupid to blame videogames for some idiot kids.

XENOCIDE4189d ago

N' we just keep spreadin' it around like it's real news. This is b.s. like 1 said. If that website actually considered that news, not the circumstance itself but puttin' the spin on it to take yet another shot @ the gaming industry, then OKay, keep n' read it there.

DixieNormS4189d ago

Why can't it be blamed on movies or stupid people instead of putting the blame on Video games. Damn it.

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