Sony: PSP devs need to get creative

SCEE game director, Tony Buckley, told CVG that developers need to be more creative with PSP game design in order to attract people to the portable.

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FordGTGuy4194d ago

why not tell the devs? Tell them to stop porting PS2 games to the PSP and make games just for the PSP.

HeartlesskizZ4194d ago

only good game i played in the psp so far was mpo and god of war

KoolMan4194d ago

This is very true, psp devs need to stop porting games and also keep
on track with new games, I believe psp can deliver better graphics in order to make it a real portable plastaion(psp).

Searchnow4194d ago

, plz stop porting ps2 games (fun on ps2 maybe) but not so great on psp. Especially with the new firmware uptade about full potential, hope devs cahnge their mind and thing of noe creative games. (Some games i loved Untold legends 2, burnout revenge, exit, metal gear portable ops)

HeartlesskizZ4194d ago

the idea that they made Metal gear:po for the psp, so f''ked up but it need it to be done so sells would change a bit. stil sad for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.