Bonus Round: Episode 7: Part 1 of 4 now on GT

Today's episode features guests Michael Pachter, Shane Satterfield, N'Gai Croal and Billy Berghammer and discusses what Microsoft has in store for E3 this year.

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MoonDust4190d ago

They will defitnetly show H3 at E3 and will probably have some good announcements.

Kokoro4190d ago

That was very informative. I do hope Microsoft shows more love to the unusual instead of the typical shooter. Games like Viva Pinata were mishandled. Great, but little attention was brought to it.But there is always a second time.

Close_Second4190d ago

...has to be one of the most understated family friendly games on any platform. Its basically a merge of The Sims and Sim City! My kids have been hogging my 360 playing it almost non-stop on rainy days. This game certainly went under the radar.

AkUmAzRaGe lRl4190d ago

I cant watch the vid was there any good news?

Rybnik4190d ago

Agreed 100% about N'Gai
It is refreshing to hear opinion that make sense, instead of bias BS! This is a good show, I'll be checking it out in the future.

Maddens Raiders4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

with some very intersting comments from these guys:

"80 percent of the 360's library are FPS's" - N'gai Croal

When asked about how Halo 3 will do at E3, compared to the competition he said, "I think there is some stuff there that could be newer; could be fresher..."

============================= ============================== = ========

--"360 has the best lineup for Christsmas.." - Michael Pachter

When asked about the games coming down the road he said, "Next year the playing field levels out.."

============================= ============================== = ========

--"360 is a runaway snowball getting bigger..." - Shane Satterfield

-- "Sony has a lot of stuff in development..." - N'gai Croal

-- "Devs are not creating unique games for the wii; they're scared to make cross platforms because it won't give wii gamers a game that feels like a "wii" game..." - Shane Satterfield

-- MS and SNE have a longterm view about how the market will develop." - Michael Pachter

-- "There are not enough family friendly games on the 360..." - Shane Satterfield

-- "Even if KILLZONE II gets close; I don't think people will be satisfied." - Shane Satterfield

============================= ============================== = ==========

Well, those were some very interesting comments that I took from the video. What do you think?

Do you think that if KZ2 looks close to the '05E3 footage people will be like, meh? That's the first time I've heard that so I'm interested. Also I didn't know that Viva Pinata was so sordid. And it's supposed to be a kids game? So that's how they do family games @ MS, huh (wink, wink).lol I might have to look into it and play it a bit myself. It looks interesting. a/w Halo will be the biggest offering for MS there of course unless they've managed to keep a MEga-surprise. Assassins creed is another one I expect to mesmerize with the latest footage. Ok that's it.


Kokoro4190d ago

But there is no way possible that it will look as close as the trailer. We're talking, the whole thing (AI, mapping,ect). But even if Killzone looks better than Gears of war, but more open. People will still remember the infamous trailer and claims that Sony made. Which is very unfortunate for the game, if you ask me. Because all the attention will be brought on the graphics. Since it can never match the trailer. There is so much anticipation from fans that it will look as close to the trailer, so they can shut the sceptical about it. And when it won't, they'll be pissed no matter what. I hope people will put it behind them. Because Killzone cannot carry the whole charge of the PS3 being the best console ever made because of people's anger. I say we wait for the games, and take it for what it is, despite the past claimed it had.

Violater4190d ago

Anticipation and Hype can be damaging. It will cause Kill Zone to be placed under the microscope come E3.
I think no game can live up to the hype for everyone, but this does not mean it wont be a good game.
My guess is we also wont see KZ2 released untill 2008 which still falls under their fiscal 07 calendar.
Still I think the 3 console players have tricks up their sleeves, one thing is for for sure this fall will be a great time for all gamers.

Maddens Raiders4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Damn its kinda crazy to think that a game can be a victim of the hype that it created 2 years,and the dev nor the publisher have shown an inkling of it since, but that is the era in which we live now I guess. I'm sure some people have it in their minds that it may even look better than the trailer which just makes them silly with anticipation and an idea of what it should look like. I can easily see these people trashing it and at the same time I can see them saying that it's not that bad if it looks nothing like the '05 footage, because they will want to defend it.

Ironically I'm one of the people that wants to defend it, but I can't. There's nothing to defend it Ahh, what a debate this game has stirred up if nothing else. Wierd, I just can't get my mind off it, but I guess that's why they did this in the first place:


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