More detailed iphone tour video

This is a more detailed video that runs for about 25 minutes detailing all the features of the iphone.

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id dot entity4194d ago

Already saw the video yesterday and it looks awesome.

JeSsMaN3334193d ago

i just watched it and it does look amazing. It doesn't mention price or storage space. I think its something like 3 or $499.00 for the 4 GB model and 5 or $699.00 for the 8 GB model. SO it is pricey from the gate ... but I mean it is pretty sophisticated for a small piece of hardware too =] I think its great and it sets the bar up to where it should be in taody's modern world ... without really going way over the top with add -ons ... (omitting the youtube button I saw lol) I will probably wait for a price drop in a year or 2 before I buy it ... and possibly hold out for any bugs and updates the system gets .. as well as a biggger storage space (hoping) =]

MikeIsOnFire844193d ago

Must.......have............... ..................NOW!!!!!!