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The Lost Gamer writes "I'm standing in a very spacious living room, just having had a shave, got dressed and played in the garden with the children. I've helped my wife with the shopping and laid the table for the lunch that she's prepared for the family and we're about to sit down and enjoy it. You would be excused if you thought I had gone completely mad and was writing my own personal diary instead of a gaming review, however my opening lines are effectively just some of the opening tutorial minutes of Heavy Rain, Quantic Dreams long awaited psychological thriller."

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Baba19062991d ago

cant wait for this. =D im gonna love it. played the demo like 10 times =D.

WIIIS12991d ago

I played the demo a coupla times, my problem with the game is that many of the QTE sequences are inconsequential to how the story unfolds, which makes you wonder what's the point,

richard44812991d ago

Excellent review Heavy Rain wasn't on my radar bur it certainly is now after reading this