PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs Wii Exclusives Comparison

With the PS3 and Xbox 360 both on level ground in terms of graphics (at the moment anyway), many believe that the winner of the "console wars" will be determined by exclusives that sell each system. PSU has drawn up an accurate exclusives comparison, with the Wii thrown in too, to make it a little easier to predict the fate of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo's current generation ventures.

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power of Green 4162d ago

List is useless in a couple of weeks things will be radically different.

Quote: With the PS3 and Xbox 360 both on level ground in terms of graphics (at the moment anyway)... sure whatever you say "at the moment anyway" more graphicly able consoles show their edge from day one. lol

DrPirate4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

100% agree, this list is usless. They missed a ton of games on the 360 and the PS3.

I even forgot to check, is too human there for the 360, isn't that coming soon as well?

NoUseMerc4162d ago

Perhaps they would if developers had their dev kits earlier and developers knew exactly how to harness the Cell processor to run graphics and use the RSX as a buffer. It wasnt until GDC 07 when developers had the PLayStation Edge tools and were begining to learn how to really program for the PS3.

Not to mention, devs had an easier time at the start with the Xbox 360 cause its similarities to PC development. Also, the XBox 360 has been out for about a year longer giving devs more time to use the hardware. And dont give me "PS3 had the same amount of time.." bull cause I have talked with developers and there are still studios awaiting dev kits.

Ex: ORiGO Gaming

LeonSKennedy4Life4162d ago

Power of Green

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahaha...

When the PS3 surpasses the 360 in terms of can suck my ballz...

How stupid are you?

socomnick4162d ago

Thats a very interesting and intelligent comment leon. ( Sarcasm doesn't work well on the internet)I give you sony fanboys credit though you guys are loyal you guys stick to your company even if its delivered nothing but crap so far but I guess you have no choice you wasted 600 dollars on a inferior console.

ElementX4162d ago

Development kits were available for both consoles around the same time. Final PS3 development kits were around maybe a month or so after 360 was launched.

ElementX4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

mmmmm, sucking balls

Coffin874162d ago

that's exactly what i wanted to say. this list will be USELESS after e3.
there are soo many games to be revealed. they should have waited a few weeks with the list..

JasonPC360PS3Wii4162d ago

You guys been saying that all year and it still isn't here. so "How stupid are you?" Damn you Droids have been talking sh!t since before the launch of the 360 and your still ALL TALK and no show. "Were still waiting, 10yr console, it's about potential, devs are lazy, the PS2 will destroy the 360 when launched, we don't need DMC4, we don't need rumble, PS3s upscaling dont suck, we don't want downloadable content and the PS3s sales are doing great' YOU guys are running out of excuses for supporting the PS3, it's showing sub par performance against a 2 year old console and still has yet to beat it on anything period.

Machety4161d ago

I agree that the 360 has more xclusives than the Ps3, but They aren't better than the ones that will be on the PS3. 360 has a lot of games but I really don't think the games it has are that much better than the ones that will be exclusive to the PS3. I show exactly why.

Gear of War is hot but WARHAWK looks way more FUN and has a lot MORE to OFFER.

Halo 3 is a cool online multiplayer, but HAZE(time xclusive), KILLZONE 2, WARHARK will raise the standard. By the way, I play the Beta with my friend, Halo 3 is only Halo 2 with 360 graphics if anyone beleives Gaylo 3 will be better than Warhawk, they should tell me why.

Xbox live is the best online service for a console, but HOME is the future. I want someone to disagree, but please tell me why. HOME is way more appealing to the user and The Achievements are in 3D. HOME is xclusive to the PS3.

360 has Viva Piniata while the PS3 have LITTLE BIG PLANET. Please tell me anything that 360 have that can compare to the LITTLE BIG PLANET.It don't matte how grown or young you are LITTLE BIG PLANET will occupy your time. Oh My God, Can anybody say " USER CREATED CONTENT".

Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon cannot compare to FINAL FANTASY XIII, FINAL FANTASY versus XIII, WHITE KNIGHT STORY OR KINGDOM HEARTS 3. Please Xbots disagree, but please don't forget to tell me why.

Ok let not forget LAIR, GOD OF WAR 3, MSG 4, HEAVENLY SWORD, MOTORSTORM, RACHET AND CLANK. I will not be surprised if someone tries to prove me wrong, I want to be a lawyer when I get older, so I would to start practicing; therefore, if anyone disagrees let me know and why.

Last but not least, we all know that the PS3 is a better quality HARDWARE. In the future, we all will see how the PS3 will take over, and I really cant believe how anyone thinks that Sony is just going to let the PS3 die. If yall haven't notice the PS2 is still the king of the gaming market.

Lets not talk about the Wii, Just like Borat says " everybody knows the Wii is for girls" lol, but if you own a PS3 or 360 its ok to get a Wii.

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NoUseMerc4162d ago

This is the fairest list yet. Only games that have been confirmed by Publishers to Gamestop/EB Games are on this list. This ensures that no "projects", "rumored", or "wait and see" titles make it on for people to complain about.

Its as simple as this... Wii and Xbox 360 have more confirmed titles for pre-order at stores right now.

lil bush4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

hello, ive give this post a red light, there just to many games missing from the ps3, like msg4, ff13, gt5, and socom, so they better fix this post pronto, or not the terrorist win,

thank you my fello americans for listening.........

edit: since im a decider, how age of conan a 360 exclusive, when it was being run on the ps3 at sony gamers day, so yet another red light

ive got the talking points nailed

NoUseMerc4162d ago

If everyone were to actually read the comments before the list you would find that only confirmed titles to Gamestop are on the list.

Final Fantasy XIII and GT5 are way to far off. You could do the same for the Xbox 360 and list all the future titles like Alan Wake ect but we decided to be different from all the other lists hitting the net and show, up-to-date, what people can go in and pre-order now at your local Gamestop and EB Games.

Mr_Kuwabara4162d ago

They confirm that Bioshock is 360 exclusive yet everybody believes it but nooooooo when they say the same to MGS4, it's not.


sak5004162d ago


One minor difference is there, 360 10million + ps3 3million+. Which will make more sense financially to port a game to?

Silver3604162d ago

They did a very credible list. And personally I must say I am looking forward to the 360's line up more. Only ever liked Sony for JRPG's, but that's my taste.

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