TheSixthAxis: Heavy Rain Review

Heavy Rain has arrived with a bang. It's flashy, technically stunning but ultimately slightly empty. Characters vary from vapid to engaging, the FBI agent a highlight but lead Ethan tends to look bored rather than desperate. If you're looking for a decent story with minimal interactivity to occupy a wet weekend, one cut with mystery and suspense, Quantic Dream's latest might be right up your street, but gamers looking for anything else will be left out in the rain. A great idea, but unfortunately one not fully realised.

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FanOfGaming2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Gets popcorn

Heavy Rain is a love or hate title not everyone will like it.

Reviews that are 7s can easily be 9s on another. Ultimately its up to you to decide...

2990d ago
AKS2990d ago

7/10 means they hated it? I'm not sure that's what a 7/10 means.

Bungie2990d ago

decent score

the only complaints are the controls

mrv3212990d ago

Avarage score is 9.0 BTW. Your basically looking at ONE single piece of data instead of the Average.

On and BTW Heavy Rains Avarage score is higher than Halo 3's just saying :P

Seriously your an idiot... your basically interviewing 100 people about their height, finding an average of 5'11 but one person is a foot and then you publish a paper and say EVERYONE is 1 foot tall.

SL1M DADDY2990d ago

If the demo is any indication of how the game will play then the game will be awesome. The fight screen was intense and the timing had to be spot on. Great title for the adult gamer if you ask me.

xabmol2990d ago

Playin a little good cop bad cop? I like yer brand of comedy, now that I "get it." lol


I think the reviewer thought this game was going to be something different, then was dissapointed that it was not. I mean, look at the cons. "Probably won’t be what you expected." I did play IP and the HR demo. Plus the walking is not bad at all and I found it rather easy to use after 5 minutes. I dunno, but I found most of the complaints a non issue durring the demo.

What ever, it is just an oppinion after all. Like all those MAG reviews. Love that "7/10" game!

Pistolero2990d ago

"On and BTW Heavy Rains Avarage score is higher than Halo 3's just saying"'re just saying something nonsensical and false....Halo 3 has an average of 94 on metacritic...Heavy Rain has an average of 89....just saying.

Aquanox2989d ago

Wow! even a fanboy website scores this one low.

Interesting... to say the least.

Lemmiwinks2989d ago

if your not sure about heavy rain like i was go on the psn and download the heavy rain demo and judge for yourself i played the demo today and i wasnt to excited and i thought it was going to be boring, buts not at all its like a detective movie that you get control the characters and for me it was easy to immerse yourself into the game and want to catch the bad guy...alot of people wont like this game. its no big deal really.atleast rent it. but if you have the spare cash u should buy it its gunna have major re playvalues and multiple endings and what not. judging from the demo also looks like the voice acting has much improved its not perfect buts its good....


DaTruth2989d ago

I thought I was going to like this game... then I played the demo!

Too much linearity! I felt like I wasn't even playing the game. I know you can make choices and the fight was kinda fun, but I never once felt like anything I did wasn't pre-programmed.

I'll pick this up when the price is down and the game environment isn't so cluttered!

blind-reaper2989d ago

I tought "love or hate" term was used when a game have grades in a >6 or 9< range, a game with 3 or 4 "7"s and the mayority in the range of 8s and 9s it is a good game.

raztad2989d ago

Guys/gals. Regardless this score, HR is quite a non-conventional game that can put many gamers off. Lovers of low paced games as SRPG, turn based rpgs, casual gamers or movie fans will find in HR an incredible experience. Dont miss this game out, specially if you have a girlfriend/wife boyfriend/husband to play/watch the game with.

I'm really surprised HR is not getting a lot of heat. Instead the reviews have been quite positive. The demo does a pretty gob job showcasing what the game has in store so give it a try.

SL1M DADDY2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

You typically get that with PS3 fan sites. They find it better to express their true feelings and tell it like they feel rather than the 360 fans sites and their shilling out for the MS corporate standard. In fact, many of the PS sites buy their games to review them so they can show no bias in their reviews. Not so much for the 360 and even Wii sites. I may not agree with the PS site reviews as they are only their opinions but at least I know they are not pandering to the corporation for swag.

SilentNegotiator2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Does spamming make you feel better about it not coming to your broken console?

darthv722989d ago

Like the original poster said. This game will be one of those you either love it or hate it. I liked it myself. Especially the fight sequence with the thug at the motel. While trying to watch what was going on I was missing input commands. Yet when I would concentrate on the commands I was missing the action on screen.

My only real issue is the use of R2 to walk. I am so used to just using the left stick for movement that it took some getting used to. The amount of interaction with everything is impressive. I am sure the more used to the commands the smoother the on screen action becomes. For me, my first few playthroughs was a bit laggy because I was getting used to making the choices.

Overall this is a neat game. Some will score it low most likely because they just dont get the whole action/reaction thing. So far I give the demo a solid 8 and it can only get better from there.

p0Wer2989d ago

I don't know what it is, but I just really dislike the sixth axis.

creatchee2989d ago

Definitely seems to be love or hate on HR. I'm still buying it.

Sidenote: Fanboys can't call bias on this review.

GrandTheftZamboni2989d ago

I think I know what it is: bunch of PS3 haters hiding behind PS3 fans-like domain name. They have 10-15 accounts here on N4G clicking agree/disagree on their own articles.

ikkokucrisis2989d ago

Ahh, this article is just another shining example of how much the SixthAxis absolutely love the PS3 and everything about it! Each article they write is bursting with flowers and butterflies about the latest PS3 news, gossip, and the exclusive titles they review for it! I love them so much I want to hug them with my Bayonetta hair!

likedamaster2989d ago

Doesn't seem like a bad game. Its strongest element is the story it seems. The demo is indicative but then again, Batman:AA's wasn't so I'd say rent it and give it a chance. Could be 3rd one's a charm after all... or not.

Jinxstar2989d ago

I just never liked the way Metacritic does their average. I prefer game rankings... Just me though... I use it for all review averages not just this particular case. They dont use sites on game rankings like "" or "Telegraph"... They use actual game sites... But 360 fans will stick to whatever lowers the score of heavy rain but to me, no matter how you slice it, it's new, innovative and looks very good. AAA for me...

n4gno2989d ago

You are right, but the problem here, is when the same biased sites downplay great ps3 exclusives (edge, destructoid, etc) like xbox donkeys.

you can't trust them, even if a 7 or even less, is possible for every game, even the greatest.

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Zedux2990d ago

"ultimately slightly empty." is totally empty!

GrandTheftZamboni2989d ago

I'm not surprised. I got used to expecting something bad when SixthAxis reviews PS3 exclusives.

Statix2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

You people need to realize...

THESIXTHAXIS is NOT A PS3 FANBOY SITE. They are a MULTIPLATFORM site, and covers Xbox 360 as well; they only "borrowed" the title "sixth axis" to name their stupid little website.

I've always felt that this website has a biased, secret agenda against the PS3, masquerading as an unbiased website (or even pretending to be slightly favoring PS3 with their title). They gave PS3-exclusive games like inFamous a 70%, MAG a 70%, Heavy Rain a 70%, Pixeljunk Shooter and Ratchet & Clank 80%, Motorstorm 2 60%, Resistance 2 80% and many more. All significantly below average scores; look at their 360-exclusive reviews, most or all of them get 90% or 100%.

They even gave Forza Motorsport 2 a 100%, calling it "the ultimate driving game." MARK MY WORDS: Don't be surprised if this pathetic website gives Gran Turismo a 90% or 80% when it comes out. And don't expect a 100% for God of War 3 either.

Pathetic stealth-fanboy websites make me absolutely SICK.

Tesselation 3602990d ago

Only Possible on the AAA Fail Station 3.

nix2990d ago

Awww.. just when it was looking good for you...

Cletus2989d ago

Whn ma granpa's pacemakin dohicky failed, weuzed jumpstrter cables. Dat didnt wurk too well. Boy-sir-ey, he waznt too happy. Now we mis him.

Sarcasm2990d ago

After playing the demo, the only thing I didn't really like was the walking controls. It really wouldn't have hurt to include a "Run" button. Heck, maybe a "Jog" button would have sufficed.

snaz272990d ago

thats exactly how i felt, i loved everything, especially the fight! i was on the edge of my seat! lol.. but when doing the examining, i walked back to the car, and i hadnt finished so it wouldnt let me leave, i had to walk back and was like cor run would have been nice! still gonna get it tho, its an awesome game, as people said tho, its love or hate. i love.

Lemmiwinks2989d ago

climbing up that muddy embankment was hard lol took me a few tries lol, kept pressing the wrong button lol and falling down it. to be fair the whole point of heavy rain is to have patients lol so running kinda contradicts that lol. i did notice a run button would be nice but its not cuz the game needed one. it was mostly cuz i am used to having a run button lol but ull adapt...after we complete heavy ran where gunna be masters at QTE, gow 3 bosses wont know what hit them lol haha.....also heavy rain wouldnt be th first game to exclude the run butto....heavy rain's story and lure of solving a mystery is the main attraction. the gameplay is really a plus to add a sense of control and thinking to it quite interesting really. and the multiple endings and abiltiy to play as 4 charactes makes it worth the 60 bucks.

BldyShdw2989d ago

What is everyone's fascination with running, this is suppose to be interactive. How often do you run during your day to day activities? "I'm a detective let me jog around this apartment" or "I'm a CIA agent, guess I'll run around and possiblly destroy evidence" or maybe "I need milk, let me run through the store"

Sound fun or realistic? Not to me :)

thesummerofgeorge2989d ago

This game teaches us to be patient and thoughtful about our decisions. I think the idea is it's unapologetically realistic in its approach. Sure maybe sometimes we'd rather just book it to point B, but we can't, cause it would go against the grain of the game. Sometimes we die and would like a do over as it wasn't the result you wanted, but we don't get one, cause the developers were committed to their approach of decisions having consequences, a mulligan would eliminate these consequences.

I like the approach because, while I'm sure there are flaws as with most games, the fact that you are stuck living with the choices you make throughout your journey adds a dimension of suspense and realism. And usually, if the demo is any indication, you don't have much time to make these tough choices, so it's a very visceral experience, as in real life situations like these we don't always have the luxury of pressing pause, saving our game and deciding what we want to do.

It's a brand new type of gaming experience, not everyones cup of tea, but it's nonetheless a much needed breath of fresh air in an industry full of copycats and short on leaders. I only hope this game sells well and inspires developers to try new things, particularly try making games for a mature audience, as we've been starved for games like that.

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