Super Street Fighter II HD - A Little Bit of Chun Li for Ya

This week, Rey Jimenez has another work-in-progress piece of art for you. This is Chun Li's continue screen animation after losing a match. It still needs some work and of course needs to be colored in. Also, you'll notice some random splotches on her. That's blood that has not been colored in yet.

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Rhezin3866d ago

So what is this. Is it a game or downloadable content for the consoles, arcade titles or wat.

PlayStation3603866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

downloadable game for the PSN & XBL. Kinda like "Street Fighter 2 Hyper fighting" for XBL. But this one will have new art, sprites, backgrounds. Pretty much rebuilded from the ground up.

LacariousTheGreat3866d ago

i want vids.... vids.... give me vids....

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