Molyneux Confirms New Continent And New Race In Fable 3

Speaking to IncGamers at the Microsoft X10 event last week, Molyneux said there will be a whole new continent for players to discover in Fable III, as well as a whole new race.

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Perjoss3050d ago

I like Peter, he seem like a really nice guy, and he seems to have the best interests for gaming in general, I love the Fable franchise since the first one. But Peter does talk a lot of *censored*.

Christopher3050d ago

Oh my goodness, I can't believe they're going to add a whole new land area, it's just so *zzzzzzzzzzzzz*

AndyA3050d ago

Wasn't this teased in the See the Future DLC?

OpiZA3050d ago

and a frog that changes colour depending on your characters mood.... ooooh

AndyA3050d ago

Now I'm gonna go out on a limb and say "sarcasm?"

edhe3050d ago

Yay \o/

I'm pretty sure they saw fableII as really just a do-over of fable, it certainly felt that way to me. Looking forward to seeing what new stuff there is to have fantastic fights with in III, II got boring fighting the same all the time.

Though I LOVE the skeletons, they shatter so wonderfully.