5 Playstation greats overlooked by PS3

BANGABANGTECH wrote: Whilst lots of great –and some of the not so great– PSone and PS2 games have already made their way onto the current generation, but there are still some stellar titles yet to make an appearance.

Here are 5 games that we'd love to see reincarnated on the PS3. In some cases they range from "confirmed" to mere rumour-mill gossip, but all are more than worthy of a next gen resurrection....(read more)

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Noctis Aftermath2929d ago

I'd really love to see ZOE3 and also SSX, SSX would have to be more of a simulator then arcade style though, arcade sports games are so easy they are boring.

Figboy2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

as for the others, i would really love to see a new Ape Escape, as i just love that series.

and as much as i hate to say it, i think it'd be a LOT of fun to whack those monkeys with the motion controller wand.

considering that the original Ape Escape was the first title to use the then new Dual Shock controller to it's fullest, i think Ape Escape PS3 could do some creative things with the PS3 motion controller wand.

as for Time Splitters 3? we COULD HAVE gotten it already if reviewers hadn't shat all over the fairly average HAZE. the game was by no means the train wreck games like Turok, Blacksite: Area 51, Conflict: Denied Ops, and Legendary: The Box were (seriously, those games are genuinely horrible products. HAZE is infinitely better than them), but the moment it went exclusive, suddenly it had to be the best FPS EVER!!! on the PS3. unrealistic expectations were place upon it.

just look at the coverage of HAZE BEFORE it was turned into a PS3 exclusive. it wasn't nearly as biting and full of hyperbole as after.


funny how things change when the game is suddenly not available on your platform of choice...

the way in which the media covers multi-plats and exclusives this generation is despicable.

tyrex2929d ago

im glad you posted that. it helps show how messed up this generation has been. especially in the media

BlackIceJoe2929d ago

I so think it would be cool to see EA make a new SSX and Square-Enix to make a new Freedom Fighters seeing as they own Eidos now. I also think there is a chance for a new Timesplitters but it just is not on the to do list at this time. As for Zone Of The Enders I think there will be a new one too. I just would prefer to see Snatcher more.

Isis062928d ago

it's my all time favorite sports game, I think the first one was awesome but the second was incomplete... On Tour is not a SSX game and I am so glad they didn't make a sequel of the The Matrix.