Prinny 2 Secret Scenario Revealed: Asagi Wars

Kotowari writes: At this point it's common knowledge that when NIS makes a PSP game, there will be a alternate scenario which somehow exceeds the main story in hilarity. It looks like the upcoming sequel to Prinny: Can I Really Be the Main Character? is no exception to this formula.

The name of the secret scenario is "Asagi Wars", and as the name would suggest, the story largely revolves around Asagi. You could say she is the main character… but there is one tiny difference: due to a certain accident, Asagi finds herself transmigrated as a Prinny living and toiling in the overlord's castle. She bravely goes about her many choirs as any Prinny should, until one fateful day.

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Redempteur2931d ago

the story is ridiculous but ..oh well its' easy to play on your psp i guess