Tetris Jewlery

You can make her happy this Valentines Day even with video game related Jewelry as people at TetrisGems have got a list of great Tetris related Jewelry with rings, bracelets, and necklace's. Now you can give video game love to even a non-video game girlfriend or boyfriend. Hit the jump and check it out.

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Funqy2564d ago

These are beautiful jewels, video game related or not, some of the stones are nice and rich.

Ziriux2564d ago

Agreed, this makes great video game jewelry, only because it's shapes and not video game characters, as cool as it may be, it would look to tacky to have mario, sonic type of characters make with jewelry.

Cinotix2564d ago

I saw this on digg on Friday, and got my gf the cheapest one which is one of the J's, she loved it.

Valay2564d ago

I'm not into video game jewelry that much. Although I love the trifoce pin Nintendo sent me awhile back.

Ziriux2564d ago

Ahh you lucky cow. I got a COG Tag once from Epic, that was cool.

Runamuck862564d ago

No thanks, I like to get my gf some flowers, chocolate, teddy bear and some good ol fashion s#$@.

Amid Fantasy2564d ago

oh yes, you mean your blow-up doll?

RedDeadLB2564d ago

This looks.. Surprisingly good.. Not to obvious and.. Good. Simply.. Good

Ziriux2564d ago

That is the only reason why it's borderline acceptable.

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