Splinter Cell: Conviction Mansion Infiltration Gameplay Part 1 & 2 HD

From Gametrailers,

Part 1: "Sam Fischer seeks closure on his daughter's death as his path leads him to an ominous mansion."

Part 2: "Fischer closes in on his vendetta of getting to the bottom of his daughter's killer."

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dangert123017d ago

Amazing =O

Xbox 360 has the strongest line up this year no doubt boy did that make me glad i own one

WildArmed3017d ago

It's always the quietest before the storm ('09 vs '10)

I'mma have to pick this up day one.. depending on how faast MS sends me 360 back. I still got my ME2 disc waiting, havn't finished that yet..

k-Lan3016d ago

This game looks crazy good. I agree with you btw, the 360 line up this year is solid!

DelbertGrady3017d ago

The animations look amazingly fluid and the graphics are just jawdropping. Looks like Ubisoft are about to raise the bar for stealth games. Can't wait!

WildArmed3017d ago

aye, the action seems really top notch.
Some of the actions you can do in this game are just 'wow'.
I was like.. NO WAY! Did he just DO THAT!?

Sonyslave33017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

We know Droids yall be getting this game on the pc but guess what not own yall POS3.

2010 year of XBOX 360 mutha fvckers.

WildArmed3017d ago

yes coz playing the game on PC vs Ps3 will change the gameplay and the cutscenes >.>

slaves shouldn't have opinions lol

red2tango3017d ago

I hope this game comes to PS3, I admit that this is the only 360 exclusive that I would want for PS3. I doubt it will stay exclusive though, they said the same thing about Section 8.

BeaArthur3016d ago

It wouldn't shock me one way or another. I can't wait to pick it up in April though.