White Knight Chronicles - Hilarious Online Gameplay Trailers

Did you ever wonder why online gameplay was added to this already huge title? Your answer lies in these videos.

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ClownBelt3226d ago

Hilarious. This game is like Monster Hunter, but kind of different gameplay. I thought this game was awful cause of the reviews, but I love it now. Put 64hours on the game now.

rroded3226d ago

game looks great love epic mutiplayer battles cant wait to see what the hard guys look like lol.

Xwow20083226d ago

yh the game is good the hell with the reviews if u like the game buy it :)
In the NES,SNES,ps1,ps2 most ppl didn,t take reviews seriously when they like the game they just buy it unlike this gen when ppl mostly buy over hyped games.

bmw693226d ago

You should definitely pick it up, it's a great game

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hatchimatchi3226d ago


WKC is awesome, don't listen to the reviews.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

WKC is a good game, a decent and solid RPG.

Even they are making WKC 2 for a successful Sales.

bmw693226d ago

Haha, some of these are epic! I'm not sure why the game gets the amount of flack it does - doesn't really deserve it in my opinion...