Independent: Heavy Rain Review

British media giants The Independent review the highly anticipated PlayStation 3 exlcusive Heavy Rain.

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R_19932958d ago

Why do they even bother? One paragraph is clearly not enough to review a game.

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R_19932958d ago

True, but you wouldn't expect a 'media giant' to do something like that, would you?

tdrules2958d ago

The Independent is a newspaper, it has one page at the back of the Information supplement.
stop thinking it's Edge

Riddicrash2958d ago

Im not disagreeing or agreeing with anyone here, I havent played the game yet, but from what I can tell it summarizes the basic premise, thats probably all that was intended!

R_19932958d ago

Anybody could've easily written the same thing or something similar by playing the demo. I just think it lacks a bit of extra depth.

ThanatosDMC2958d ago

I just played the demo and WOW! This game will be something else. I liked the fist fight the most and you dont even need to talk to that whore. You can just wait and not do anything till she tells you to get out of her apartment.

BrianC62342958d ago

Don't be so ropey. Whatever that means.

I agree. Lousy review. Not even a score. Does anyone even read that site?

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Szarky2958d ago

"It is fair to say that you have never played anything like Heavy Rain before. Not really a game in the traditional sense, it is closer to an interactive movie where the focus is on the story and the consequences of the decisions that you make. Key to the experience is the unique control system, which makes you feel truly involved in the four characters you play as in the hunt for the Origami Killer. It is not perfect – some of the voice acting is a bit ropey – but if the idea of a gripping and genuinely grown-up game appeals, then Heavy Rain is unmissable."

There you go. That's the whole review. What a joke.

Kakihara2958d ago

The independent, Twitter on paper.

NateNater2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I guess they were too busy playing the actual game so they had no time to write a real review for it

SourGrapes2958d ago

LOL. My dad edited the Independent on Sunday and they are definitely not "Media Giants"

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The story is too old to be commented.