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Project Sylph Screens and Info

Taking place in the far future, Project Slypheed sees the Earth hundreds of years after humans have used space vessels to conquer the galaxy. As mankind spread to two new planets, a group known as the Adan Freedom Commonwealth made an attack on Earth's Delta Savior battalion. As Katana Faraway, your job is to fend off the AFC forces before the galaxy breaks out into a total war. Project Sylph will offer an intense arcade-style shooting experience that will surely build upon its futuristic setting. (PSP, Xbox 360)

mike_mgoblue  +   2924d ago
Square Enix support for Xbox 360 is a JOKE!!!
Square Enix has only given the Xbox 360 a THREE YEAR OLD Final Fantasy XI game, and now they are giving it a shooter, which is probably the least popular genre out there! Microsoft needs TWO THINGS from Square Enix: 1. a NEW Final Fantasy game, 2. a NEW Dragon Quest game.

NEW online versions of those games would be great, too!

And if Microsoft truly wanted to have the largest market share in Japan, they would do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to make sure that Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games are released EXCLUSIVELY for Xbox 360!!!
Nodoze  +   2924d ago
F Japan
Japan is not needed for X360 to be a success. This console generation is going to splinter market share like never before. The 360 and PS3 will be competing for market in EU and the US, the Wii will take Japan, with the PS3 coming in second, and of course the 360 dead last. I say scrap the support for Japan. If they can't grasp what is being offered, and get over that it is a US product....move on.

At the same time get these Japanese devs on board for US releases and we will be golden.
the_bebop  +   2923d ago
Why is this game in the PSP section as well when has it been said this will end up comming on the PSP, can some one please provide evidence.
JPomper  +   2923d ago
Looks neat.

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