PSN Games You Must Play... While They're On Sale

PS3Informer writes, "Here are some games you have no excuse not to get, now that they're on sale -- some for as cheap as the low, low price of 'free'."

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swingingape2747d ago

Picked up Flow. I'll pass on Trine

clinker2746d ago

Dude, Trine is actually pretty amazing, especially if you like platforming.

UnSelf2746d ago

Burnout for $30

ima wait just a lil longer

rambi802745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

the original burnout game plus all the DLC costs $30

The DLC alone costs $20

They are basically selling Paradise for $10 - unless i have misunderstood.

djfullshred2745d ago

Burnout Paradise + all the DLC for 30 bucks is probably the most gameplay for the buck on a long as you like racing games (this is one of the most fun racing games ever IMO)

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Myst2746d ago

flOw is a great break from all those hectic games that require at least 70~100% dedication, the same with Flower which I've owned since it's release.

Not so sure about Burnout or Trine but I'd definitely like to try Trine.

TheTwelve2746d ago

*goes to pick it up now*

tinman_licks2746d ago

I've been waiting for a price drop. Thanks OP

Redempteur2746d ago

actually i might pick up trine too

swingingape2745d ago

alright, i'm convinced... i'll give trine a try too then. 10 bucks is pretty cheap

elcompa4252746d ago

Flow on saturday morning for FREE and last night I got FLOWER. I'm glad I got them, even though they aren't games i will constantly play. They are good to have around when I need a nice break away from my usual games I play. It is also something, I can pick up when I have 20 minutes to kill.

devsgreat2746d ago

cant wait for under siege release...

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