PS3 3D Gaming Made Possible by HDMI 1.4 - Nick's Gaming View

"On Nick's Gaming View Episode #3, Nick covers this week's latest news and events for the gaming industry. Nick educates everyone how HDMI 1.4 and PS3 3D will work with each other. Lastly, Nick discusses what really grinds his gears."

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Nick2120043053d ago

I am looking forward to see how 3D gaming is brought in.

Julie3053d ago

I have a question if you guys don't mind, for 3D gaming do i need a special TV or any HDMI TV would do? also i need some glasses?

lol this 3d thingy have me confused :s

edwineverready3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

You need a 3d ready tv with glasses. EDIT: your welcome love your avatar

Julie3053d ago

Oh ty , my pockets are not yet ready for 3d then lol. But i guess it will get cheaper with time like the HD TVs :)

Ty again!

Nick2120043053d ago

Unfortunately, a 3D television is required. I truly feel it will take awhile for 3D gaming to truly take off.

randomwiz3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

a 3D TV is needed, but 3D supposedly beefs up the price by about $200.

the reason is because this isn't the 3D where you put on your red and blue glasses and watch snow fall on you, this is full all out 3D actually immersing you in the enviornment. I don't know how many of you saw the demo in CES in person, but it was pretty cool.

Remember, 3D is still a battlefield, meaning theres no standardized specs for it. Although the shutter method requires glasses(and is the most popular right now), many companies are looking for ways that you don't need to have glasses, and have a big viewing angle at the same time.

3053d ago
Julie3053d ago

Woot? you mean 3d as in 360 degrees? holy %$&&%$! I can't figure a game like Silent Hill that way D: scary

davekaos3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Really looking forward to 3d, those of you who have not tried shutter 3d yet need 2 get down to your local electronics store and ask for a demo. it make real d 3d (cinema-Avatar) look like the old red and green tech.

On another note just thought id post what BUNGIE posted on the actual site

"PS3 is a movie player , games run really bad on that japanese toy, if you want real gaming you must get a 360 , it also have 3d buitl in.

Sadly the PS3 is ruining gaming"

Get a life you tard

evrfighter3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

lol 3dtv' to be you guys. I'll be gaming on my 24" 1080p 120hz monitor. Not for the 3d gimmick but I'm anxious to play my fps games @ 120fps.
this beast is incoming via fedex, should be here Tuesday.

starchild3053d ago

Do people really think 3D gaming is going to take off in a big way before the next consoles come out? It requires a 3D television and many of us have bought new HDTVs fairly recently and won't be upgrading for a few years.

By the time most of the gaming population is ready for 3D the next Xbox and Playstation will be out and they will both have the requisite hardware for 3D.

archemides5183053d ago

if they come out with a killzone patch call me an early adopter!!!

feelintheflow3053d ago

They played a few of the games that the ps3 upgraded to 3d and said it wasn't all that good. They played mlb 10 the show, gt5 and stardust hd. "WE tried all three demos and each of them felt like a gimmicky last minute implementation of the technology." "issues like blurry user interfaces and camera angles that don't jibe with the 3d soured the experience". So I don't know why people are getting all hyped up about this. Since about 50% of homes have hdtv's and about 1% have 3d tv's, I am assuming, this is still so far off its ridiculous. Call me next gen.

FlameBaitGod3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

evrfighter, how can it suck for ps3 only gamers ? when they have the option to go 3d? this is not obligated

A Cupcake for Gabe3053d ago

I Heard any HDTV 120hrz and above still will run 3D. Can a smart guy here answer the tech question.??

psycho3603053d ago


"I have a question if you guys don't mind, for 3D gaming do i need a special TV or any HDMI TV would do? also i need some glasses?

As some above mentioned you'd need a 3d capable TV or proj (which i have). THe unit should be capable of 120mhz so that it can display 2 x 60mhz images at the same time and also 3D google (nvidia or another brand) input. My proj is 1024x768x 120Mhz with 3Dsync on off feature in it. Hvn't picked up the glasses yet though. Also where the hell can i find any 3d movies or games?

arakouftaian3053d ago

That website or mag s talking Bs.

They say 3D is nothinv special and is like w/e

but they end saying

3D is for nextgen?

Yes 3D is for nextgen
and that what ps3 is the only and true nextgen consolé

Wii s old gen súper old gen

Xbox is a pre pre pre alfa of NeXT gen

and the ps3 is nextgen

gamer20103053d ago

PS3 is no more next gen than the 360. Having Blu-ray is about the only real advantage it has and that is of limited use for games.

Yes, 3d won't be big until next gen. If 3d tvs take off I am sure the next Xbox will also support 3d.

n4gno3053d ago

not only (enormous) bluray advantage, but cell, internet browser, vidzone, etc = next gen.
(uncharted, killzone, 256 players online, etc say hello too)

DaTruth3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

"Having Blu-ray is about the only real advantage it has and that is of limited use for games."

FFXIII says hi!

HDMI: 1.4 vs HDMI 1.2

7.1 uncompressed sound vs. 5.1 compressed

Bluetooth vs Infra Red

Wi-fi vs. Wired

Universal HDD vs Optional HDD

DVD(whatever the cool drive PS3 has) vs. Crappy 360 tray DVD drive that scratches

scratch resistant disks vs. regular disks in the only DVD drive known to scratch disks since year 2000

Ravage273053d ago

Demon's Souls in 3D with 2 Arc controllers. The 3D perspective might help when judging the distance to strike at enemies. It will still be pretty cool even if it doesn't.

vhero3053d ago

Luckilly I am updating my TV at the end of the year so it will be a 3D TV. What bugs me the most is the fact I hold shift for the capital D for typing 3D and constantly put £D by accident.... Somebody when making keyboard knew 3D was gonna cost a lot and put the pound sign there on purpose :(.

sikbeta3053d ago

I want 3D for everything:

TV+PS3+PC, It'll be Expensive but it Really Worth every Freaking Cent

Gamers FTW!!!

FrankenLife3052d ago

You don't need HDMI 1.4. 1.4 is essentially 1.3 and Ethernet combined. That extra ethernet capabilities of the cable have nothing to do with 3D. Also technically the 360 can do 3D with it's current setup. The only problem is it can only do it at very low resolutions. The 360 doesn't have enough RAM for outputting a high res 3D image. It is restricted to it's low EDRAM for image output, but the PS3 has all 256mb of it's VRAM. While it works just fine for standard games, it isn't enough to send out 2 high res images at the same time for 3D. Also 1.2 can't handle the images either, so they just have to scale the resolution way down.

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subzero-083053d ago

Even though I don't have a 3D TV it's still nice to know I have the option if I ever switch over.

WhatARump3053d ago

Agreed, the main turn off is the additional purchase; if it were somehow integrated into pre-existing HDTV's then it would take off!

ravinash3053d ago

Its great to know that when you do decide to switch over, the tech is already ready on your console, all you need is a new TV.
Otherwise you'd be waiting a good 5 years before you could change.

SDF Repellent3053d ago

Can convince early adapter to look into 3D LCDs.

I thought it was a gimmick at first until I saw AVATAR on IMAX 3D along with 3D previews.

It might take a couple of years but it will catch on once it is cheap enough ie..BluRay.

randomwiz3053d ago

I expect the adoption rate to be just a little bit faster than the adoption of LCD tv's. The reason is because most major manufacturers are pushing 3D. Many industries are pushing 3D. The only problem is content. Many people don't seem to be interested in making 3D movies/games.

But you are right, Avatar did help push 3D. Not to the consumer, but to the film makers. They look at the success of Avatar in 3D, now everyone will start making 3D movies and try to be as successful

sikbeta3053d ago


I can Tell You that in ASIA and EUROPE the FIFA World Cup will Push 3D, being the Big STAR Football/Soccer, everyone in those 2 Regions will Love 3D

I think in America The Movies + Tv Shows and I read somewhere Sony is already Making Deals with ESPN and such for More Support

Gamers FTW!!!

TruUnknowN3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Thought the PS3 had a HDMI 1.3a port not 1.4, don't think HDMI 1.4 is finalized yet.

edit: Sorry, my bad, don't know much about these types of things. :\

davekaos3053d ago

1.3 can upgrade to 1.4 via firmware update.
No need for a new port or console at that

randomwiz3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

You can't firmware upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4 because theres many new features like the ethernet channel and audio return channel.

1.3, however, does support 3D

likedamaster3052d ago

Any links that supports what you said? It's interesting.

Nick2120043053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

What do you think of Nick's Gaming View? What do you like and dislike about the show? What would you like to see added? Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated!

Liamabob3053d ago

I definitely prefer written articles. I can skim-read, and get to the point that I want to know about. With videos, It's possible, but it's entirely a guessing game.

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