Heavy Rain: A Closer Look

David Cage of Quantic Dream wants to change the way people think about gaming. So he challenged gamers with a question: Can video games bring a person to tears? Having only played the demo, that is now available on Playstation Network, Bitmob is not fit to answer that questions just yet.

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Hellsvacancy3076d ago

"Fans of Indigo Prophecy (otherwise known as ‘Fahrenheit’ overseas) will be more in tune with what the game tries to do and what the gameplay is all about" - Im 1-of those mofos

REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY R.E.A.L.L.Y lookin 4-ward 2-gettin Heavy Rain

ChineseDemocracy3076d ago

I;m incredibly stoked for this game; stellar reviews, terrific storyline, multiple endings (20ish!?).

gotgame19853076d ago

man i don`t care what non body say, after playing the demo i can honstely say this is nothing but a interactive movie. to me its a completely over hyped game, i can grantee that it will not be a console mover, i will be surprise if it does a mill.

Son_Lee3076d ago

It's not that type of game. It caters to a specific audience. Just like how I think Alan Wake won't be a console mover for 360, Heavy Rain won't be for PS3. But the core PS3 audience, and mature gamers in general, are excited for this game. You have to applaud them for doing something new. And in an era submerged in First-Person Shooters, a change of pace is needed and most welcomed.

gotgame19853076d ago


u know ur right but i'm welling to bet alan wake will do at least 2 mill
because most 360 exclusive do 2 mill, but u know a nother game in think
thay is being over hyped interm of what people are expecting in sells god of war 3. now i can promise u i am not being a fan boy because god of war is the only game other then scc, and reach that i am looking ford to, well really looking ford to and if all 3 came out the same day god of war 3 would defiantly be the one i would buy.

the only reason i say i think its not going to do well i have 65 friends that i know are gamers 29 are strictly sony every time i say god of war is my favorite game they are like it looks like ur are doing the same thing in that game, which u basically are, but to me its just the story thats what i told them if u just played the game and watch the story i don`t see how u won`t be blown away but if sony
fan boys are dogging it i don`t think it is going to live up to the hype in terms of sales