Halo: Reach And Mass Effect Lighting Screenshot Comparison

Blend games does a screenshot comparison showing a lot of the lighting details for Halo: Reach and Mass Effect.

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Sonyslave32744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

LOL ps3fanboys just watch the reach video.

I forgot it say Reach_ Alpha_Work in progress right hand corner.

Major_Tom2744d ago

According to brain dead xbox owners, Halo Reach > Mass Effect 2


Halo is going to murder any game this year!

we won2744d ago

You retard that's Mass Effect 1 in those shots.

bnaked2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

They should compare it to Killzone 2 lol.

And you should know, that Gears of War 2 clearly looks better than Halo Reach..

MerkinMax2744d ago

Reach has large open areas with sandbox gameplay. Killzone 2 is tight spaced fighting. When you look at the big picture, Killzone 2 looks phenomenal for it's style of gameplay. Reach looks phenomenal for it's style of gameplay. If Reach took away the vehicle combat and large open battles then maybe a comparison to Killzone would be logical. For now they both look good in their own respects.

starchild2744d ago

I agree, Halo Reach and Killzone 2 both look good in their own ways.

swice2744d ago

Totally agree with the 2 above

bnaked2744d ago

lol, Reach is not sandbox. There are just some big enviroments like in MGS4. It's still linear. A to B.

And Killzone 2 has much much better lighting. It has better textures, better level detail, better particle effects and so on..

The enviroments in Killzone 2 are huge. The game may be more linear, but the enviroments are same as big as in Halo: Reach. Do you know the Multiplayer map "Pyrrhus Rise"?

Halo: Reach is looking very good, but not Killzone 2 good. Accept it! Halo is great because of the gameplay and the story, so don't get fanboyish!

beans2744d ago

"And Killzone 2 has much much better lighting. It has better textures, better level detail, better particle effects and so on"

And you know this stuff how? Last I checked reach isn't even finished yet to do a comparison. KZ2 is a gorgeous game don't get me wrong but So is Reach and right now neither looks better or worst.

gamer20102744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Even Halo 3 had much bigger and more open levels than MGS4 and Killzone2. The levels in Killzone 2 can be pretty big but you mostly move from one linear area to the next. There aren't that many large outdoor environments with tons of vehicles and enemies and physics going on all around you like Halo is famous for.
Halo Reach looks at least as good as Killzone 2. The only thing is that it is kind of hard to compare them because they have a completely different look.

NinjaAssassin2744d ago


are you really trying to say killzone 2 has better textures? the textures in killzone 2 were one of its weakest points. the textures in halo reach look way better.

NinjaAssassin2744d ago

you say the textures are better in killzone 2? well let's compare the textures in the two games. halo reach vs killzone 2 there is no way you can tell me the textures are better in killzone 2. look at how flat the textures are on the characters in killzone 2 vs how good they look in halo reach.

heroprotagonist2744d ago

Looking at those screen shots it is impressive just how much better the character models and textures are in Halo Reach as compared to Killzone 2.

Noble Spartan2744d ago

After looking at the vidoc..the game looks stunning even in pre aplha stage it has already surpassed many games. From Xbox 360 and PS3.

Reach will be graphical powerhouse, It has already beat Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2.


40 AI + 20 Vehicles at once
Vehicles from land to air.
Unscpirted and non linear game with huge enviroments!
Epic lighting and effects
Facial animation superb

Uncharted 2

Linear game
Scripted events and QTE LOL

PS3 can't handle the scale of Halo Reach. Its the truth.

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Shaman2744d ago

What a retarded article...borrowing a lightning from another engine?O really?LOL...who wrote this piece of ****?You cant borrow lightning from another engine,i mean even if you could judging with pre alpha scans?WHOA...

cyguration2744d ago

The game's visuals ARE complete if they plan to launch the game this year. I'm not sure where people get this idea that somehow Bungie's going to be able to upscale the graphics within a few months and still meet the deadline.

It took Gearbox close to a year to overhaul the graphics for Borderlands and the game didn't look better it just looked different.

SixZeroFour2744d ago

@cyguration - nope, shaman is correct, according to bungie, those screens were pre alpha from before thanksgiving last year..atleast the ones in that article were

did you see the recent vidoc? some things were added, textures were replaced, lighting improved(?) a bit, not as dark as some of those daytime pics and more colorful, but not over doing it

CWMR2744d ago

-Not this fanboy site again! This guy is a moron with an agenda. It's plain as day. Don't give the site hits. I did and it was pure trash.-

Aquanox2744d ago

These article guys don't get tired to make fools of themselves.

MerkinMax2744d ago

I like Halo's lighting more though for a few reasons. It has beautiful HDR. Mass Effect's lighting makes it feel like the light source is right above your head. I also don't like the way the shadows in Mass Effect jitter. I still love both games but Halo has the edge in the lighting department IMO.

gamer20102744d ago

From cyguration's comment, "I'm not sure where people get this idea that somehow Bungie's going to be able to upscale the graphics within a few months and still meet the deadline."

Why is it that with ps3 games all we ever hear before they are released is "well the game isn't finished yet; it's going to look way better by the time it comes out"? But with 360 games, even when the game is like a year away ps3 fans will say "it's not going to look any better". I don't think anybody is expecting it to look hugely better, but it will get more polished and a few new graphical techniques might be added.

heroprotagonist2744d ago

This was such a ridiculous comparison. Who is this guy trying to fool? Halo Reach is an amazing looking game. He tries to compare it to Mass Effect and as good as that game looks Halo Reach still looks better. The other thing is that Halo Reach has a lot of lighting and post processing techniques that can only be fully appreciated while the game is in motion. But like I said, even though Halo Reach looks better in motion and is pre-alpha in these screenshots, it still looks much better than Mass Effect 1.

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X_GAMER_X2744d ago

comparing unfinished game with one move. But good for halo. Now days every game that comes out get to compare with halo.
this just shows how great halo is.

mrv3212744d ago

Or how popular it is.

Otherwise we'd all be comparing games to ray traced enviroments.

raztad2744d ago

Judging by those screenshots not by much. Still is good news Halo finally enters the high definition gen.

To be honest I find very appealing the more mature look of Reach. If Alan Wake is any good, I may "jump in" and get a xbox to try Halo:Reach, Alan Wake and Shadow complex.

ZombieNinjaPanda2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Very nice Gif images you found there!


which reminds me, spartans better run fast as hell.

CWMR2744d ago

-It looks a lot better, and Mass Effect is already a great looking game with some of the best character models out there.

Trying to compare character models of a shooter with an RPG that has some of the best character models around just goes to show how disingenuous this guy's motives are. Why not compare some up close character model screen shots from Resistance 2 and Killzone 2? Because he knows they would lose.

But it's funny, even in his slanted comparison Halo Reach still looks better.-