Why Naughty Dog is One of the Best Developers Around

We all know them and love them and know they make great games but what makes them so great?

Naughty Dog has a tendency to create a new IP every generation for the Playstation. As we all know, they are the creators of the hugely popular Crash Bandicoot franchise, on the Playstation 2, they moved on to their Jak and Daxter series. While boasting rather similar platforming, the sequels brought guns into the mix. As we all know, on the Playstation 3, they began their Uncharted franchise boasting amazing visuals and amazing cinematic experiences.

I list the following reasons why Why Naughty Dog is One of the Best Developers Around:

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swiftshot932899d ago

They're a bit special to me, cause I kinda grew up with their games. I was a kid when Crash was out, more mature by the time the Jak series finished, and now Uncharted is their most adult game yet (even though its rated T :/). They've always been one of the best to me.

Fox012899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Naughty Dog rules

Elimin82899d ago

Because they're good....

sikbeta2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )


Gamers FTW!!!

II Necroplasm II2899d ago

I wish they still made Crash Bandicoot games.

Saaking2899d ago

ND are currently my favorite developers. UC2 is THE best game I've played this generation.

bnaked2899d ago

Uncharted 2 is just incredible! I have never seen just a quality game before.. I think Naughty Dog is the best studio around.. Really, it's just stunning..

captain-obvious2899d ago

Dear sony


thank you

mikeslemonade2899d ago

Nuaghty Dog is the best developer. Uncharted 2 best graphics, deep single player, best presentation, and multiplayer. And all that was accomplished in 2 years.

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Shaman2899d ago

Because their games simply talk for themselves...they are indeed special,very technical,always put great gameplay and very humble :)they are simply amazing.

Anorexorcist2899d ago

Don't you just love those random disagrees from the idiots on the opposite side of the fence who don't have access to Naughty Dog's masterpieces?

Shaman2899d ago

Yes but you know,i kinda dont really care about those idiots :)

Redlogic2899d ago

commented first on this article right on the website...

"Bungie are the best Developers around while other developers can only dream. Even Naughty Dog had to ask Bungie for some help in Multi-player for Uncharted 2."

lmao....who could that be??

on topic: ND had my at hello on the first Crash on Ps1

BWS19822899d ago

that person is probably only "one" person in reality, but on this site represents probably 17 "people"...He's his own MS Militia, complete with shin guards, a bicycle helmet and a wiffle ball bat.

ND is one of my top dev's, I'd love to meet them, or better yet, spend a day with them, just talking about their philosophies or insights.

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Anorexorcist2899d ago

It's because their games have never disappointed, even way back in 1996 with the original Crash Bandicoot.

It's really that simple.

Trebius2899d ago

"Uncharted 2 was a Labor of Love"

Other Devs like Infinity Ward/Activision and Bungie just rehash games cause they know it'll sell, dont try to put love into the game, the just do the bare minimum.

Uncharted 2 is something they poured their hearts and souls out into and it shows, beacause it's a masterpiece.

They would've never let the game be released full of glitches like MW2 was, and they'll continue to support the game with DLC and freebies because they appreciate the fans more than you think.

Naughty Dog is #1 on my list.


So only because they made one good game makes them a good developer?
WRONG! U2 is all they have, period.

Bungie will tier Naughty Dog apart or any other company!

If you mess with Bungie, your messing with fire!

Jerk1202899d ago

What are you TALKING about?

Labor of love my ass. All they did was rip off Tomb Raider and slap a dude. OH SNAP. COMPLETE GENIUS. Truly shows that.. LABOR OF LOVE. And you're right.. a true.. MASTERPIECE. Why don't you go look up what masterpiece means? Because it sure as hell isn't anywhere NEAR 'Uncharted'. Uncharted is an overrated piece of CRAP. That's right CRAP. To call it a ''masterpiece'' is a complete INSULT.

What do you KNOW about Bungie? Absolutely nothing. They don't just REHASH their games. Do you know what rehash means? I'm so sick of idiots like you, like jesus christ. There should be a METRE about what kind of stupid crap people should be allowed to say. Or what kind of people should be allowed to join. I mean seriously. I can tell that your IQ is below 60 because.. ''it shows''. Listen, just get out, GET OUT. Because you might actually have the POWER to lower everyones general intelligence.

I'm obviously not speaking for the Ps3 fan side here because they don't really have much 'intelligence' anymore. THAT'S WHY YOU'RE AMONG THEM. I FEAR for humanity whenever I see a sh!thead like you. And I cringe when I come to the conclusion that the Ps3 fan base is full of it, full of YOU. People like you, along with Sony headquarters should be nuked. You're a MENACE to humanity.

And Naughty Dog isn't even that special, they're just STANDARD, there are SH!TLOADS of developers that are much better than that one. Hell, Naughty Dog isn't even worth mentioning. Why this jackass did is beyond my comprehension. I'm sure it's because he's as much of an idiot as you are. CASE POINT, B!TCH.

I'm done.

Digitaldude2899d ago

So a standard developer's game holds the best visuals on a console ever ranking at 96 average on metacritic.

weazel2899d ago

Hey, Do you want me to call your mom to help you clear all those toys you just threw out of your pram?
(Note to mommy S - No more artificial colors or E-numbers for little sleipnir, as he seems to get agitated, aggressive, and talks sh*t after he's had too many.)

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hops2cents2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

They always seem to be in tune with what their customers want. Mainly fun and creative titles and secondly, pushing the hardware

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