WDT Indie Game Review: Your Doodles Are Bugged

James Joell-Ireland at WDT Writes,

"I am starting to love Xbox Indie Games more and more. I am also starting to loathe Xbox Live Arcade even more after recent revelations from a developer that pitching games to XBLA have now become stupidly hard to get approval as Microsoft is simply bolstering it's weekly queue full of games by the big developers. The fact is, Microsoft is a massive cash hungry machine and whichever way you look at it, sometimes they make monetary decisions without looking at the best interests of gaming itself. The Indie Games section was very much undervalued by allot of gamers whom are signed up to Microsoft's service and even we were criticised by some stupid air head that we don't offer enough support for the platform because we gave a bad rating to Hoyles Texas Hold Em. The problem was that the author of the comments obviously didn't look further this his very own nose to see the other reviews that we had on display".......

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