WDT Review: Mass Effect 2

Kiffar at WDT Writes,

"I want to petition Bioware to have this game renamed to The Even Better Sequal to One of the Best RPGs Ever..

TEBStOotBRPGE (teb-stoot-berp-gie) is seriously perfection in terms of sequels. It's right there at the top with Uncharted 2 & Assassins Creed 2. Everything has been improved, from obvious things like graphics and combat to the smallest of things like particles of dust floating around indoors.

It's as if Bioware took a small step back and asked, "How can we improve what we already kick ass on?"

This game has a lot more side missions to do and they seem to have more of a purpose. Side missions are side missions but they feel more thought out. The Citadel isn't nearly as big and you can't explore as much in this game but that's not too much of a bad thing since the story doesn't really include the Citadel in any way. Instead you'll be working to and from a station known as Omega which is pretty much a haven for criminals and the like. This place feels like it holds the galaxies trash as well. Walking about the station I feel like I'm going to get mugged or something, especially in the slum areas".....

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