WDT Review: Magic Orbz/Ball

IronFury at WDT Writes,

"Magic Orbz, or Magic Ball as it's known by Europeans, is a downloadable game off of the Playstation Network that takes a unique spin on the brick breaking puzzle games of old such as Breakout and Arkanoid brought to us by TikGames and Creat Studios.

The game features 3D environments all made for you to destroy. See, unlike the brick breaking games of old, it's not bricks you are breaking, but in fact 3D models of things such as buildings, pirate ships, sharks, octopi, and the list goes on and on".....

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TheTwelve3072d ago

...great to play with a friend (preferably a female one), you can put your own music in the background, the only game I strive to get 100% trophies in, constant DLC.

Flaws? Sometimes the online connectivity is slightly laggy at times, and the creativity of levels is sometimes poor. But overall I love this little PSN gem.