MW2 Glitches Sets Stage for Halo Reach Dominance

We all know that Modern Warfare 2 set all kinds of prestigious records in terms of sales. We also know that it is currently the reigning champ of Xbox Live. However, Bungie is sitting in the number 2 spot, just waiting.

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-Alpha2955d ago

But I don't see why it's necessary to approve this. First of all, MW2's problems will be fixed... eventually. The game STILL manages to have a ridiculous amount of players with all these issues, imagine what it will be like once these problems stop.

Then there is MW2 DLC. The internet is a very whiny minority, and I am part of it. We don't like MW2, and personally, it's not as great as CoD4 for me. But hundreds of thousands of people do like it, and do play it.

Of course Halo will dominate XBL. It always has. It's the flagship Series of the 360. So in all honesty, this is obvious.

Also, BC2 will be great. what do you mean it's not going to be stellar? It's going to be a fantastic game, preorders are very high and it looks like an awesome game.

2955d ago
presto7172954d ago

I must say I'm impressed by what I have seen so far. If the game ends up being stellar, then I might have to bite the bullet and get an xbox. Unless of course, Microsoft raises the XBL subscription to 100 bucks a year as the rumors have been saying. Then I'd have to give them the middle finger. Both middle fingers...

-Alpha2954d ago

I'm confident in Reach. It's a Bungie game, and Bungie knows how to make great games. Reach is going to be the biggest game of the year and unlike IW they have always cared about their community and have been very supportive. Reach is going to be the biggest game in Halo since #3.

Also, I'm on the same boat as you. I am strongly considering getting a 360, I may get it tomorrow, but I'm very confused as to what to get. The Arcade seems way too inconvenient but I can upgrade to 20 GB I think. PS3 will still be my main console so if I can get a few songs and 360 exclusives onto a 20 GB hard drive then I should be fine. That will total about $260ish.

If I get the Elite I can get a great deal for $350 which would include 2 controllers with charge kit, 2 lame games, a headset, 12 months free Gold subscription, & 1400/$20 worth of MS Points.

van-essa2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

The glitches in MW2 didn't really bother me, it's the excessive camping that killed it for me. Everyone wants their Harrier, Pavelow... so they just sit in a corner and wait.

AAACE52954d ago

Reguardless of what anyone thinks of MW 2, I still love it!

I liked the first Halo, 2 and 3 were OK, and even though I have ODST at home, I have never had any urge to play it! But for some reason, this Halo Reach has restored my interest in the franchise. I'm looking forward to getting this one.

BTW, my sons wanted ODST. It's not like I bought it to not play it or anything. It just seems that right now, Halo games are for the kids. Reach looks to be more to my liking.

znu2954d ago

hey i love mw2 too =D

and campers? pshhh
i kill campers :D

the only game mode u really see camping is snd but thats technically allowed cuz its snd xD

i have not seen a single glitch in mw2 (believe it or not, no javelin glitch, carepackage glitch, skating watever) on PS3

i play about an hour a day with my friends... everything in tdm and snd seems great :)

Swiftfox2954d ago

I am not sure I understand the logic of these types of articles. As if you find something else to play you stop being a fan of one thing and instead switch without question to the other.

As if because they stopped playing Halo and played Warfare instead, they stopped being fans of Halo and would have nothing to do with the franchise ever again unless Warfare fumbled.

That being said I don't think Halo Reach's inevitable success will have to do with the under-developed state of Modern Warfare 2. Halo hasn't left the hearts of it's fans no matter what game they happen to be playing. Thats the great thing about being a fan of something; somehow, no matter what you are doing, no matter what you may get into, you'll always have a place for it.

RememberThe3572954d ago

I'm confident too, actually. I haven't been a huge fan of the Halo games since Halo: CE but I am really liking what Bungie is doing with this game. This is looking like what Halo 3 should have been. I'm actually getting pretty exited from what they've shown so far.

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Dave13512954d ago

Nobody cares about halo, they killed the brand with halo wars and halo ODST. Bad company 2 will set stage for dominance

glennc2953d ago

unfortunately halo reach will outsell BC2 and hence rank higher on online play charts... even if BC2 came out a year after halo reach.

maybe YOU don't care but you are sounding clueless saying no one cares. i personally don't care about current halo multi or single player and BC1 is still my dominant (pretty much only) online shooter at the mo' but i still know people will flock to halo just like MW2.

BC2 is really all that matters to me for the next year at least. i will buy others but always come back to bad company. can't wait!

GSpartan7772955d ago

Unlike DICE, Halo: Reach isn't being made to compete with MW2. For all I know they do not care about MW2 or see it as a threat, despite the huge sales, to make it their task to take down the game.

goflyakite2954d ago

Agreed, everyone knows Halo will sell. It's not trying to compete with COD, as they're completely different games.

Bnet3432954d ago

Halo Reach will battle for the most played game on Xbox Live spot.

RockmanII72954d ago

Their won't be a battle. It will just take it on release and keep it until Gears 3 or MW3 comes out.

ASSASSYN 36o2954d ago

I think the issues with MW2 won't just benefit halo. BFBC2 will get the first large scale batch of MW2 defectors.

tyrex2954d ago

The title should read Halo Reach sets stage for Halo Reach dominance.

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