The Borg Arrive in Star Trek Online

Star Trek online has been out for just over a week now but it'll be constantly updated according to Cryptic Studios "From endgame raid Episodes, to more PvP maps, to more Klingon content, no matter what you love about STO we've got something you'll love even more." This week's update is The Borg.

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mushroomwig3077d ago

We are Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

a_squirrel3077d ago

Is this game a one pay thing? or is it monthy/yearly?

DirtyLary3077d ago

Didn't people learn from WH. Don't give these companies your money then sit in a game reading teaser info on future patches that barely deliver. Just say no to rushed unfinished games. One day the publishers will listen.

Zipperdog3077d ago

the open beta got boring real fast. no variety. Every ground mission was the same. Same with space combat. Just slowly fly around enemy and blast away.